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Evidence suggests Toba volcanic winter was less lethal than thought

Cosmos Magazine - Thu 15 Mar 18

Researchers find at least one human population thrived during a 1000-year volcanic winter. Richard A Lovett reports.

Humans 'thrived' after historic Mount Toba eruption

BBC News - Tue 13 Mar 18

New research shows humans survived the catastrophic Toba eruption, 74,000 years ago.

Come Hell or Supervolcano, Humanity Will Be Alright

Discover Magazine - Mon 12 Mar 18

Every year or so, a fresh rash of concern about the Yellowstone supervolcano spreads across the internet. While the likelihood of an eruption there remains remote, if the caldera were to blow, ...

Humans thrived in South Africa through the Toba super-volcanic eruption about 74,000 years ago - Mon 12 Mar 18

Imagine a year in Africa that summer never arrives. The sky takes on a gray hue during the day and glows red at night. Flowers do not bloom. Trees die in the winter. Large mammals like antelope ...

These Ancient Humans Survived a Supervolcano

National Geographic - Mon 12 Mar 18

In South Africa, humans not only survived but thrived during the biggest volcanic eruption of the last two million years.

The Toba eruption in Indonesia 74,000 years ago was so massive that its debris, including glass shards, likely fell atop a site inhabited by humans 5,592 miles away.

Discovery News - Mon 12 Mar 18

Credit: pixabayDuring a volcanic winter, ash as well as sulfuric acid, combine with water to obscure the sun and increase the reflection of solar radiation. The result is that ...

Stone Age people in South Africa unharmed by supervolcano eruption

Reuters - Mon 12 Mar 18

WASHINGTON (Reuters) - A supervolcano eruption about 74,000 years ago on Indonesia's island of Sumatra caused a large-scale environmental calamity that may have decimated Stone Age human populations ...

Ancient humans thrived during a supervolcano eruption

ZME Science - Mon 12 Mar 18

It's an apocalyptic scenario on steroids -- and yet some humans not only survived it but thrived in the process.

How humans survived the eruption of an apocalyptic SUPERVOLCANO

Daily Mail - Mon 12 Mar 18

The Toba super-eruption was the biggest volcanic blast on Earth within the past 2.5 million years when it blew its top on what is now the Indonesian island of Sumatra.

New evidence shows humans survived massive volcanic eruption 74,000 years ago

Inhabitat - Tue 13 Mar 18

In a newly published study, scientists reveal evidence that groups of humans survived a massive volcanic eruption at the Toba caldera, a supervolcano in Sumatra. “It is possible that people ...

Study: Humans in South Africa thrived during Toba super-volcanic eruption

UPI - Mon 12 Mar 18

New research suggests that hunter-gatherers living on the coast of Southern Africa thrived in the wake of the Toba super-volcanic eruption 74,000 years ago.

Humans Thrived in South Africa through Toba Super-volcanic Eruption

Laboratory Equipment - Mon 12 Mar 18

NewsImagine a year in Africa that summer never arrives. The sky takes on a gray hue during the day and glows red at night. Flowers do not bloom. Trees die in the winter. Contributed Author: Arizona ...

Humans Flourished Through Super Volcano 74,000 Years Ago

Newswise - Wed 14 Mar 18

Humans not only survived a massive volcanic eruption 74,000 years ago, they flourished during the resulting climate change that occurred, a new study by UNLV geoscientist Eugene Smith and colleagues ...

Humans flourished through super volcano 74,000 years ago, study finds, Eurekalert - Wed 14 Mar 18

New study shows how stone age people survived a supervolcano eruption

The Hindu - Wed 14 Mar 18

Hiding in rock shelters they braved the Mount Toba supervolcano explosion about 74,000 years ago

Modern humans flourished through ancient supervolcano eruption 74,000 years ago

ScienceDaily - Mon 12 Mar 18

Early modern humans living in South Africa around 74,000 years ago prospered through the cataclysmic eruption of the Toba supervolcano in Sumatra. The Toba eruption was one of the Earth's most ...