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To combat iguana problem, researchers bash in reptiles' heads - Mon 12 Mar 18

Researchers are on a critical mission in the heart of Broward County—bashing in the brains of iguanas in an attempt to eliminate the reptiles that have overtaken South Florida.

Scientists are bashing iguanas' heads in Florida

FOXNews - Thu 15 Mar 18

Scientists are sometimes tasked with saving animals from extinction.

The Controversial Way Florida Researchers Are Dealing With Invasive Iguanas

National Geographic - Mon 12 Mar 18

Experts are in disagreement over the most humane—and legal—way to kill the invasive reptiles.

Florida researchers are bashing in the heads of invasive iguanas

Daily Mail - Mon 12 Mar 18

Researchers are taking a controversial approach to ridding Florida of invasive iguanas (file image) that are overtaking residents' yards by bashing in their brains.

Florida Scientists Are Running Around at Night Bashing in Iguanas' Skulls

Livescience - Mon 12 Mar 18

A team of scientists in Florida are on a three-month, $63,000 iguana-bashing spree.

Conservationists rid Florida of invasive iguanas by smashing their heads

Inhabitat - Fri 16 Mar 18

Invasive iguana populations have soared in Florida, and the Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission launched a $63,000 research project to figure out the best way to get rid of the ...