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Chinese police use face recognition glasses to catch criminals

Newscientist - Wed 7 Feb 18

Police caught twenty-six people carrying fake IDs and another with links to human trafficking by using smart glasses with automatic face recognition

Chinese police don high-tech glasses to nab suspects - Wed 7 Feb 18

Chinese police are sporting high-tech sunglasses that can spot suspects in a crowded train station, the newest use of facial recognition technology that has drawn concerns among human rights ...

Chinese police are using glasses with facial recognition tech to scan people's faces

Techspot - Thu 8 Feb 18

For as long as it has been around, there have been concerns over the privacy implications that come with facial recognition systems. Now, the debate has been reignited following news that some ...

Chinese police are using facial recognition sunglasses to track citizens

The Verge - Thu 8 Feb 18

China’s police have a new weapon in their surveillance arsenal: sunglasses with built-in facial recognition. According to reports from local media, the glasses are being tested ...

Chinese police are using smart glasses to identify potential suspects

TechCrunch - Thu 8 Feb 18

 China already operates the world’s largest surveillance state with some 170 CCTV cameras at work, but its line of sight is about to get a new angle thanks to new smart eyewear that ...

China's police get face-recognizing glasses ahead of New Year - CNET

CNET - Wed 7 Feb 18

It has helped catch seven wanted criminals already, state-run media reports, although many are concerned about privacy infringement.

Police In China Now Wear Smart Glasses With Facial Recognition Tech

Ubergizmo - Wed 7 Feb 18

Image credit – China News via Wall Street JournalWhen Google Glass was released, it was met with a lot of resistance by the public who were concerned about potentially being recorded ...

Police in China are scanning travelers with facial recognition glasses

Engadget - Wed 7 Feb 18

Police in China are now sporting glasses equipped with facial recognition devices and they're using them to scan train riders and plane passengers for individuals who may be trying ...

Chinese police spot suspects with surveillance sunglasses

BBC Technology - Wed 7 Feb 18

The glasses are equipped with facial recognition technology and connect to a database of suspects.

Chinese Cops Get AR Glasses To Spot Criminals In Crowds - Wed 7 Feb 18

With a population of more than 9.5 million, maintaining law and order in Zhengzhou, China is no small task. The job gets even harder when the holidays roll around, which is why police […] The ...

Chinese police are using surveillance glasses to identify people

Fastcompany Tech - Thu 8 Feb 18

The smart glasses feature cameras that can capture the image of a person in front of the wearer. That image is then checked against China’s state database of known suspects on the spot ...