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Virgin Hyperloop One's travel app maps out a future of supersonic travel

Gizmag - Mon 8 Jan 18

A fully functional Hyperloop system remains years away, but that hasn't stopped one of the startups vying to build it bringing out an app for folks to book a ride. Virgin Hyperloop One ...

Richard Branson's Virgin Hyperloop One plans for London

Daily Mail - Mon 15 Jan 18

Sir Richard Branson has come up with a novel way of solving London's runway expansion dilemma - with a system of super fast 'hyperloops' linking passengers between London's airports. ...

Touring Hyperloop One's ever-evolving test site

Engadget - Fri 12 Jan 18

Virgin Hyperloop One, a company that's developing a new way of moving people around the world, has precedent when it comes to missing deadlines. The company pledged to test a fully ...

A closer look at the Hyperloop One test pod

Engadget - Mon 8 Jan 18

Here at CES, Virgin Hyperloop One is showing off a new partnership with mapping company Here, and we sat down with the company's Matt Jones to explore it further. He, alongside ...

Hyperloop One and HERE built a hyperloop passenger app

TechCrunch - Mon 8 Jan 18

 Wonder what it’ll be like to ride a Hyperloop system from a passenger perspective? We know the trains will move really, really fast – but how will we interface with them, plan ...

Hyperloop One and Here made an app for imaginary Hyperloops

Engadget - Mon 8 Jan 18

Virgin Hyperloop One has teamed up with mapping company Here to build an app that lets you pretend that Hyperloops are real. The app is designed to be your transportation portal in ...

Book a 700 mph ride on the hyperloop with this new app

The Verge - Mon 8 Jan 18

The dream of whizzing through an airless tube that is hundreds of miles long from one city to the next at near-supersonic speeds just got a little more real. Today, Virgin Hyperloop ...