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Soft robots could be the factory workers of the future

TechXplore - Thu 11 Jan 18

Killer robots are already among us. Not weaponised drones, but industrial robots working alongside humans in factories that can cause significant injuries and occasionally deaths if an accident ...

Robots Are Flexing Stronger, More Flexible 'Muscles'

Discover Magazine - Fri 5 Jan 18

Humanoid robots like Sophia, granted citizenship in Saudi Arabia, and Atlas, which backflips like a boss, are rigid, strong and rather bulky. They’re made to look like us; they’re not designed ...

New class of soft, electrically activated devices mimics the expansion and contraction of natural muscles

TechXplore - Thu 4 Jan 18

In the basement of the Engineering Center at the University of Colorado Boulder, a group of researchers is working to create the next generation of robots. Instead of the metallic droids you ...

New “soft robots” are strong enough to lift heavy weights, delicate enough to pluck a raspberry

ZME Science - Fri 5 Jan 18

The new generation of robots is softer and gentler.

Robots of the future could have 'muscles' that self-repair

Daily Mail - Thu 4 Jan 18

Researchers from the University of Colorado at Boulder have developed artificial muscles which have superhuman strength robots (stock).

Low-Cost Soft Robot Muscles Can Lift 200 Times Their Weight and Self-Heal

SingularityHub - Thu 11 Jan 18

Jerky mechanical robots are staples of science fiction, but to seamlessly integrate into everyday life they’ll need the precise yet powerful motor control of humans. Now scientists have created ...

Soft robotics actuators are “fast as a hummingbird, strong as an elephant”

The Engineer - Fri 5 Jan 18

A new family of soft, self-healing robotics actuators based on electrically insulating fluids mimic the movement of natural muscle The development, from engineers at the University of Colorado ...

A Clever New Robotic 'Muscle' Seriously Lifts, Bro

Wired Science - Thu 4 Jan 18

A new variety of robotic “muscle" uses oil-fueled pouches activated with electricity to flex.

Soft, self-healing devices mimic biological muscles

ScienceDaily - Thu 4 Jan 18

A new class of soft, electrically activated devices is capable of mimicking the expansion and contraction of natural muscles. These devices, which can be constructed from a wide range of low-cost ...

Soft, Self-Healing Devices Mimic Biological Muscles, Point to Next Generation of Human-Like Robotics, Newswise - Thu 4 Jan 18