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Ancient DNA discovery reveals previously unknown population of native Americans

Gizmag - Thu 4 Jan 18

A few years ago the fossilized remains of a baby girl were uncovered in a harsh and isolated part of central Alaska. The remains were dated at 11,500 years old and a new DNA study has ...

Baby skeleton from Alaska reveals origins of Native Americans

Newscientist - Thu 4 Jan 18

DNA from an infant girl who died 11,500 years ago reveals where America’s first human settlers came from and when they arrived

Baby skeleton from Alaska reveals origins of Native Americans, Newscientist - Wed 3 Jan 18

The 11,500-Year-Old Remains of a Baby Could Reveal How Humans First Came to the Americas

TIME - Wed 3 Jan 18

DNA from a six-week-old girl is helping resolve long-standing controversies

Alaskan infant's DNA tells story of 'first Americans'

BBC News - Wed 3 Jan 18

The 11,500-year-old bones of a child unearthed in Alaska shed light on the peopling of the Americas.

Dead infant reveals unknown Native American population

Cosmos Magazine - Wed 3 Jan 18

Genetic analysis clarifies and expands understanding of human settlement in North America. Steve Fleischfresser reports.

Direct genetic evidence of founding population reveals story of first Native Americans - Wed 3 Jan 18

Direct genetic traces of the earliest Native Americans have been identified for the first time in a new study. The genetic evidence suggests that people may have entered the continent in a single ...

Infant skeleton sheds new light on early Native American populations

ZME Science - Thu 4 Jan 18

The remains of a six-week-old infant cast new light upon the Native American founding population. Scientists divided the ancient American populations into two categories: the Southern and the ...

Ancient baby’s DNA reveals completely unknown branch of Native American family tree

The Verge - Wed 3 Jan 18

An Alaskan baby buried 11,500 years ago has clued scientists in to a forgotten branch of the Native American family tree. This child’s DNA is more genetically ancient than the ancestors ...

Ancient DNA gives glimpse of ancestors of Native Americans

FOXNews - Wed 3 Jan 18

DNA from an infant who died in Alaska some 11,500 years ago is giving scientists the best look yet at the genetics of the ancestors of today's native peoples of the Americas.

Alaskan 'sunrise' girl sheds light on how humans populated Americas

Reuters - Wed 3 Jan 18

WASHINGTON (Reuters) - Ancient DNA extracted from the skull of a six-week-old baby girl whose 11,500-year-old remains were unearthed in a burial pit in central Alaska is helping scientists resolve ...

The First Americans: Ancient DNA Rewrites Settlement Story

Livescience - Wed 3 Jan 18

Genetic analysis of a baby's remains dating to 11,500 years ago offers new details in the origin story for people who first settled in the Americas.

The newly sequenced genome of an Alaskan infant who lived just after the last Ice Age provides clues about the ancestry and migrations of early Native Americans.

Discovery News - Wed 3 Jan 18

Credit: Eric S. Carlson in collaboration with Ben PotterWhen scientists recently sequenced the genome of a six-week-old infant girl who lived 11,500 years ago at an Alaskan ...

Ancient DNA reveals how first humans arrived in America

Daily Mail - Wed 3 Jan 18

The international team of researchers, led by the Universities of Cambridge and Copenhagen, made the discovery after studying the genome of an ancient Native American infant.

11,000-year-old child’s skeleton tells tale of Native American origins

Ars Technica - Wed 3 Jan 18

Suggests a human population was isolated in Beringia during the last ice age.

New evidence changes the story of Native American migration

Inhabitat - Thu 4 Jan 18

New genetic evidence suggests that all people of Native or indigenous descent in North America are descendants of a single migratory group that arrived on the continent around 20,000 years ago. ...

DNA offers evidence of new population of native Alaskans

UPI - Thu 4 Jan 18

New genetical analysis has revealed the presence of a unique Native American population living in what's now Alaska some 11,500 years ago.

Ancient Infants’ DNA Show First Common Native American Ancestor

Laboratory Equipment - Wed 3 Jan 18

NewsThe two infants were buried at Upward Sun River in what we now call Alaska some 11,500 years ago. One of the little skeletons, of a baby girl, held DNA for millennia that has now pointed ...

Evidence of previously unknown population of ancient Native Americans, research reveals

ScienceDaily - Wed 3 Jan 18

Genetic analysis of ancient DNA from a 6-week-old infant found at an Interior Alaska archaeological site has revealed a previously unknown population of ancient people in North America. The ...