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Instagram will hide people taking selfies with animals amid fears they are encourage abuse

The Independent - Tue 5 Dec 17

Many animals don't like to be held, and must be captured and stolen to force them to do so

Instagram Cracks Down on Harmful Wild Animal Selfies - Tue 5 Dec 17

Whether you’re bragging about your life on Facebook or fishing for hookups on Tinder, there are few things more powerful on social media than a selfie with a cute animal. However, some folks ...

Instagram warning launched to stop animal cruelty

Daily Mail - Tue 5 Dec 17

The notifications come after an international study, published in October by the charity World Animal Protection, who sent investigators to Manaus, Brazil, and Puerto Alegria, Peru. ...

Think before posting #lionselfies, Instagram implores users

USA today - Mon 4 Dec 17

Beginning on World Wildlife Day, anyone trying to post on Instagram using hashtags such as #lionselfie will get a content advisory screen first.        

Instagram Will Alert Users To Posts That Show Harm To Wildlife

Ubergizmo - Mon 4 Dec 17

These days taking photos and sharing them to social media to document our daily lives, adventures, and travel has become the norm. However sometimes we can be a bit careless with our posts, ...

Instagram warns you if posts show harm to animals or nature

Engadget - Mon 4 Dec 17

Protecting wildlife and sensitive natural areas is hard enough as it is, and it's not helping that every brain-dead tourist wants to post a selfie with a koala bear or dolphin. ...

Instagram to flag hashtags that can hurt animals - CNET

CNET Cutting Edge - Mon 4 Dec 17

Animal selfies can look cool, but the photo-sharing service wants users to know that sometimes the wildlife is abused.

Instagram just unveiled new wildlife protections to curb animal exploitation

Fastcompany Tech - Mon 4 Dec 17

To mark Wildlife Conservation Day, Instagram is launching new tools to help ensure its platform isn’t used to exploit wildlife. The policy change comes after a New York Times story ...