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Lamborghini Urus unveiled as the first Sport Utility from the Fighting Bull

Gizmag - Tue 5 Dec 17

Lambo is calling this a "Super SUV" and that might not be too far off the mark. The Urus produces 650 horsepower (478 kW) under a weight-to-power ratio that only a supercar could boast. ...

Lamborghini drives into crowded SUV market - Mon 4 Dec 17

Lamborghini, the fabled Italian sports car manufacturer, on Monday unveiled its new Sports Utility Vehicle, accelerating into a fast growing market already crowded with upmarket rivals.

The Lamborghini Urus and the case for super luxury SUVS

The Verge - Tue 5 Dec 17

This week, Lamborghini unveiled its all-new Urus super-SUV. This outrageously fast, 650-horsepower, $200,000 off-roading four-door is not the first sport utility vehicle from the ...

The Lamborghini Urus is the latest $200,000 SUV

The Verge - Mon 4 Dec 17

In the auto industry’s ever-present move toward SUVs and trucks, every company has to jump on board. Even though Lamborghini once made a Hummer-esque SUV (and tractors), the 2019 ...

Lamborghini reveals its Urus supercar SUV

Daily Mail - Mon 4 Dec 17

With the Lamborghini Urus, the Italian exotic car maker has dropped a colossally powerful engine into a 4x4 to create an offroad family vehicle that can beat almost anything in its path. ...

Lamborghini's 'Super' SUV, the Urus, arrives next spring

Techspot - Mon 4 Dec 17

Move over, Porsche and Bentley – there’s a new option to choose from when considering a luxury SUV. Lamborghini has officially unveiled the Urus, an SUV that first broke cover in ...

Lamborghini's Badass Urus SUV Goes Rogue With Twin-Turbo V8 Packing 641 Horsepower

HotHardware - Mon 4 Dec 17

This isn't the first time that Lamborghini has produced an SUV, and it likely won't be the last. We present to you the Urus crossover SUV. We doubt that you'd mistake it for anything but a ...