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Moon’s explosive birth drove iron deep into Earth’s core

Newscientist - Mon 4 Dec 17

Our moon was made by the Big Splash, an impact that we thought left iron deposits near Earth’s crust. It turns out that the metal sank into our planet’s core

Smackdown! Mini-moons punched straight through the planet’s core

Cosmos Magazine - Mon 4 Dec 17

Modelling finds the contribution of “planetesimals” to Earth’s mass was much larger than thought. Andrew Masterson reports.

Collisions after moon formation remodeled early Earth - Mon 4 Dec 17

Southwest Research Institute scientists recently modeled the protracted period of bombardment following the Moon's formation, when leftover planetesimals pounded the Earth. Based on these simulations, ...

Early Earth took a heavy beating after the Moon was formed

FOXNews - Fri 8 Dec 17

Earth may have been bruised by the impact of more than one moon-size object early in its life.

Early Earth Took a Heavy Beating After the Moon Was Formed - Wed 6 Dec 17

Collisions scarred early Earth as much as five times more often than previously thought.

Earth bombarded by small planets after moon was formed

Daily Mail - Mon 4 Dec 17

Researchers from the Southwest Research Institute in Colorado found these objects brought gold, silver and platinum to our young planet and substantially contributed to its overall mass. ...