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Scientists win prize for 'baby picture' of the entire universe soon after it formed

The Independent - Mon 4 Dec 17

The picture helped answer some fundamental questions about the universe. And opened up entirely new ones

World’s richest science prize hands out $22 million for research

Newscientist - Mon 4 Dec 17

Science’s richest prizes, the Breakthrough Awards, were presented at a star-studded ceremony in California last night.

A look back at WMAP, the hardware that brought us the Universe

Ars Technica - Tue 5 Dec 17

Reading the Universe using the Cosmic Microwave Background.

Scientists share £16.3 MILLION Breakthrough Prize

Daily Mail - Mon 4 Dec 17

The Breakthrough Prizes were awarded at a ceremony in Silicon Valley last night. Pictured are British winners Professor James McKernana and Christopher Hacon.

WMAP Team Wins $3 Million Breakthrough Prize in Fundamental Physics - Mon 4 Dec 17

A team of researchers who helped shape our understanding of the origin, evolution and nature of the cosmos is now $3 million richer.

Photo of the Big Bang’s afterglow wins Breakthrough Prize - Wed 6 Dec 17

This photo of our young universe further backs up the theory that the cosmos is predominantly comprised of dark matter and dark energy.

Breakthrough Prizes Honor, Enrich Scientists for Plant Biology, History of Universe

Laboratory Equipment - Tue 5 Dec 17

NewsThe Breakthrough Awards honor scientists deeply embedded in their fields, making discoveries that may have enormous impact on human life. The annual ceremony, founded by billionaires including ...