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Airbus to begin testing 'Vahana' flying taxi in Oregon

Daily Mail - Mon 13 Nov 17

Airbus's Vahana craft completed its move to the 9,600 square foot Pendleton Hangar at the Eastern Oregon Regional Airport, in what the firm is calling a ‘monumental’ step toward the first ...

Airbus is ready to test its self-flying taxi

Engadget - Mon 13 Nov 17

We've covered Airbus's Vahana project, which is the aeronautical company's endeavor to build a self-flying taxi network, in detail before. Now, it looks as though Airbus ...

Airbus Flying Car Will Be Tested By The End Of 2017

Ubergizmo - Mon 13 Nov 17

Airbus has long been working on an electric-powered vertical take-off and landing aircraft, commonly referred to as a flying car. The European company launched this project called Vahana back ...

Airbus will test its Vahana electric ‘flying car’ by the end of 2017

The Verge - Mon 13 Nov 17

Airbus is making progress on its new electric-powered vertical take-off and landing aircraft — colloquially (and incorrectly) known as a “flying car.” The European aerospace ...

Dubai Airshow: Boeing wins $15bn order from Emirates

BBC Technology - Sun 12 Nov 17

Boeing strikes a Dreamliner deal as the Dubai Airshow awaits news of a key Airbus A380 order.

Cool Airbus Vahana Project Is Ready For Flight Testing

CleanTechnica - Wed 15 Nov 17

The cool Airbus Vahana Project is ready for flight testing, right on the heels of Boeing, Uber, and others jumping into the electric plane game. Electric airplanes and other vertical take-off ...

Airbus Reveals Its Autonomous Air Taxi, Vahana, With A Series Of Flight Tests

Fastcompany Tech - Mon 13 Nov 17

An electric plane that takes off and lands like a helicopter, it aims to carry passengers in five years. As robo bus shuttles get off to a bumpy start on the streets of Las Vegas with last week’s ...