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Need a better microscope? Add mirrors

Cosmos Magazine - Tue 14 Nov 17

US microscope designers find an elegant way to overcome the problems of lens-making. Andrew Masterson reports.

Mirror image: Researchers create higher-quality pictures of biospecimens - Mon 13 Nov 17

Researchers from the National Institutes of Health and the University of Chicago improved the speed, resolution, and light efficiency of an optical microscope by switching from a conventional ...

Mirror Image: Researchers Create Higher-quality Pictures of Biospecimens, Laboratory Equipment - Mon 13 Nov 17
Mirror Image: Researchers Create Higher-Quality Pictures of Biospecimens, Newswise - Mon 13 Nov 17
Mirror image: Researchers create higher-quality pictures of biospecimens, Eurekalert - Mon 13 Nov 17

Not an illusion: Clever use of mirrors boosts performance of light-sheet microscope

Eurekalert - Fri 17 Nov 17

Using a simple 'mirror trick' and not-so-simple computational analysis, scientists affiliated with the Marine Biological Laboratory (MBL) have considerably improved the speed, efficiency, and ...