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Researcher sketches a path toward quantum computing - Thu 16 Nov 17

As new devices move quantum computing closer to practical use, the journal Nature recently asked Princeton computer scientist Margaret Martonosi and two colleagues to assess the state of software ...

IBM Edges Closer to Quantum Supremacy with 50-Qubit Processor

IEEE Spectrum - Wed 15 Nov 17

IBM moved the goal posts and then got a bit closer to them, and an inflection point is coming "soon" expert tells IEEE Rebooting Computing Conference

Simple is beautiful in quantum computing - Wed 15 Nov 17

Quantum computing could solve problems impossible for today's supercomputers. The challenge for this new form of computing is processing the quantum bits (qubits) that represent data. A qubit ...

Simple is Beautiful in Quantum Computing, Newswise - Thu 16 Nov 17

IBM offers 20-qubit quantum computer to clients

Physics World - Wed 15 Nov 17

Flash Physics: need-to-know updates from the world of physics

Superconducting quantum computer achieves ten-qubit entanglement, Physics World - Fri 10 Nov 17

IBM says it's reached milestone in quantum computing - Fri 10 Nov 17

IBM has announced a milestone in its race against Google and other big tech firms to build a powerful quantum computer.

IBM says it's reached milestone in quantum computing, USA today - Fri 10 Nov 17
IBM says it's reached milestone in quantum computing, AP - Fri 10 Nov 17

IBM Raises the Bar with a 50-Qubit Quantum Computer

MIT Technology Review - Fri 10 Nov 17

Researchers have built the most sophisticated quantum computer yet, signaling progress toward a powerful new way of processing information.

A Data Bus for Quantum Computers

IEEE Spectrum - Thu 9 Nov 17

Researchers propose a technique to transfer data between memory and processors in quantum computers

Ion qubits offer early glimpse of quantum error detection - Thu 9 Nov 17

Computers based on quantum physics promise to solve certain problems much faster than their conventional counterparts. By utilizing qubits—which can have more than just the two values of ordinary ...

We’ve figured out how to ensure quantum computers can be trusted

Newscientist - Tue 7 Nov 17

Quantum computers will be useless if we can't trust their calculations. Now, two teams have programmed quantum systems to detect their own errors

Researchers develop data bus for quantum computer - Mon 6 Nov 17

The quantum world is fragile; error correction codes are needed to protect the information stored in a quantum object from the deteriorating effects of noise. Quantum physicists in Innsbruck ...

Researchers develop data bus for quantum computer, Science Blog - Mon 6 Nov 17
Researchers develop data bus for quantum computer, Eurekalert - Mon 6 Nov 17

IBM reveals quantum computing breakthrough

Daily Mail - Fri 10 Nov 17

Quantum computing, a technology that's still in its early phases, uses the quirks of quantum physics to perform calculations at far higher speeds than current computers.

IBM announces 20-qubit quantum cloud computer for public use

Techspot - Fri 10 Nov 17

IBM on Friday announced a significant upgrade for clients using its quantum computing-based cloud services. Thanks to improvements in superconducting qubit design, connectivity and packaging, ...

IBM Advances Processing Revolution With 50-Qubit Quantum Computer Prototype

HotHardware - Fri 10 Nov 17

Quantum computing is often seen as the "holy grail" when it comes to the next logical progression in processing performance. Companies like Google and Intel are currently developing quantum ...

IBM's processor pushes quantum computing closer to 'supremacy'

Engadget - Fri 10 Nov 17

IBM Q research has built and tested an operational 50 qubit prototype processor, a huge leap up from its previous record of 17 qubits. The company is also set to make a 20 qubit quantum ...

IBM makes 20 qubit quantum computing machine available as a cloud service

TechCrunch - Fri 10 Nov 17

 IBM has been offering quantum computing as a cloud service since last year when it came out with a 5 qubit version of the advanced computers. Today, the company announced that it’s ...

IBM Just Simulated the Biggest Quantum Computer to Date—What That Means for the Field

SingularityHub - Wed 8 Nov 17

Google was in poll position to win the race for quantum supremacy, the point at which a quantum computer can do things a conventional one can’t. But IBM seems to have pulled the rug from ...

Billion kronor programme for Swedish AI research

AlphaGalileo - Wed 15 Nov 17

The Knut and Alice Wallenberg Foundation has granted an additional billion Swedish kronor to extend the Wallenberg Autonomous Systems and Software Program (WASP), with a broad investment into ...