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Shrinking the proton: Researchers confirm the small value of the proton radius determined from muonic hydrogen - Fri 6 Oct 17

It was one of the breakthroughs of the year 2010: Laser spectroscopy of muonic hydrogen resulted in a value for the proton charge radius that was significantly smaller, by four standard deviations, ...

Proton-size puzzle deepens

Nature News - Thu 5 Oct 17

Measurement in ordinary hydrogen agrees with a surprising 2010 result on the element's exotic cousin — but gives a smaller value than virtually every other experiment.

The proton radius revisited

Science Now - Thu 5 Oct 17

Proton size still perplexes despite a new measurement

ScienceNews - Thu 5 Oct 17

Study of hydrogen atoms supports the case for a smaller proton.

Shrinking the proton again

ScienceDaily - Sat 7 Oct 17

Scientists, using high precision laser spectroscopy of atomic hydrogen, confirm the surprisingly small value of the proton radius determined from muonic hydrogen.