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Cassini’s Closing Act

Discover Magazine - Thu 14 Sep 17

One of NASA’s most iconic missions comes to an end.

NASA details Cassini's final plunge on Friday

Gizmag - Wed 13 Sep 17

NASA has confirmed that the Cassini spacecraft successfully completed its final flyby of the moon Titan and is now on course for its fatal encounter with Saturn on Friday. After 13 years ...

Cassini readies final plunge into Saturn - Wed 13 Sep 17

NASA's Cassini probe is counting its final hours before one last plunge into Saturn on Friday that will cap a fruitful 13-year mission that greatly expanded knowledge about the gaseous giant.

Cassini to live-stream its final moments in Saturn’s atmosphere

Newscientist - Wed 13 Sep 17

Before the Cassini spacecraft ends its 20-year mission by disintegrating in Saturn’s atmosphere, we have one last chance for new information on the gas giant

Receiving Cassini's 'last breath of data' from 1.5 billion kilometers away - Wed 13 Sep 17

This Friday evening (15 September) at about 9:54pm AEST, CSIRO's team at the Canberra Deep Space Communication Complex will capture the final signals from NASA's Cassini spacecraft as it plunges ...

NASA's Saturn-orbiting Cassini spacecraft faces fiery finish - Tue 12 Sep 17

After a 20-year voyage, NASA's Cassini spacecraft is poised to dive into Saturn this week.

Cassini’s 10 best pictures from its 13-year voyage around Saturn

Newscientist - Tue 12 Sep 17

On 15 September, NASA’s Cassini spacecraft will crash into Saturn, ending its mission with a bang. New Scientist looks back at 10 of its best images

Image: Cassini's last long-distance Saturn view - Tue 12 Sep 17

With this view, Cassini captured one of its last looks at Saturn and its main rings from a distance. The Saturn system has been Cassini's home for 13 years, but its journey will end on 15 September.

Giant storms, methane lakes, and hidden oceans: Cassini’s best discoveries of Saturn and its moons

The Verge - Thu 14 Sep 17

Early tomorrow morning, NASA scientists will say goodbye to their Cassini spacecraft — a hardy probe the size of a school bus that has been orbiting the Saturn system for the last ...

Before NASA's Cassini flies into Saturn, take a look back at its best images

The Verge - Wed 13 Sep 17

NASA’s Cassini spacecraft took seven years to travel nearly 2.2 billion miles to reach Saturn — but once it got there in 2004, it started taking some breathtaking pictures of ...

Cassini headed for Saturn plunge after Titan 'goodbye kiss'

FOXNews - Wed 13 Sep 17

After a "goodbye kiss" with Saturn's huge moon Titan, NASA's Cassini spacecraft should now be on course for its suicide dive into the ringed planet Friday (Sept.

Cassini Headed for Saturn Plunge After Titan 'Goodbye Kiss' , - Tue 12 Sep 17

Why the Cassini Mission to Saturn Must End in a Fiery Dive - Wed 13 Sep 17

After 13 years of examining Saturn up close, the Cassini spacecraft is ending its long career with a boom — and there's an important reason why.

How NASA's Cassini spacecraft will dive-bomb Saturn and die - CNET

CNET Cutting Edge - Wed 13 Sep 17

NASA's bus-size orbiter will flame out spectacularly after more than a decade of revealing Saturn's secrets.

Epic storms, new moons and worlds that might host life: Here are Cassini's greatest discoveries

L.A. Times - Mon 11 Sep 17

So long Cassini, and thanks for all the science. Here are highlights of NASA's 13-year-long mission at Saturn.

Saturn moon's crazy plume stars in last look from Cassini - CNET

CNET Cutting Edge - Mon 11 Sep 17

Saturn's moon Enceladus shows off its icy plume one last time in a NASA movie created from Cassini spacecraft images.

Wild! Cassini Probe Spots Weird Waves in Saturn's Rings (Photo) - Mon 11 Sep 17

NASA's Cassini spacecraft captured a spectacular photo of a perplexing wave structure in one of Saturn's rings as the probe headed into its final days at the gas giant.

Goodbye, Cassini - Thu 14 Sep 17

Counting down the final moments of Saturn’s epic spacecraft.

Cassini spacecraft's amazing photos of Saturn, rings & moons

AP - Tue 12 Sep 17

Until Cassini's arrival at Saturn in 2004, humanity had never viewed Saturn up close and personal....

Ringed beauty

ESA - Mon 11 Sep 17

One of Cassini’s last looks at Saturn and its main rings from a distance