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Intelligent machines will replace teachers within 10 years, leading public school headteacher predicts

The Independent - Mon 11 Sep 17

Human tutors will be sidelined in near future as AI takes central role in education, suggests Sir Anthony Sheldon of Wellington College

Tackling the canine obesity crisis

BBC News - Mon 11 Sep 17

Why, in the mission to improve the health of man's best friend, scientists say greedy Labradors are at the head of the pack.

Robots could replace teachers in 10 years says academic

Daily Mail - Mon 11 Sep 17

The teachers who inspire our children will soon be artificially intelligent machines and not humans, according to vice chancellor of the University of Buckingham Sir Anthony Seldon. ...

'Inspirational' robots to begin replacing teachers within 10 years Science - Sun 10 Sep 17

Chubby Labradors are 'genetically hungry', say scientists, Science - Sun 10 Sep 17