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Size key to top speed in animals, study finds - Mon 17 Jul 17

It's not quite E=mc2, but scientists unveiled Monday a simple, powerful formula that explains why some animals run, fly and swim faster than all others.

Why fast birds, fish and animals are never too small or big

Newscientist - Mon 17 Jul 17

An animal’s maximum speed is based on how fast it can accelerate, which explains why the largest animals are not the fastest

Why aren’t the biggest animals the fastest?

Cosmos Magazine - Mon 17 Jul 17

Being the fastest animal on land, in the sea or in the air is a trade-off between strength, mass and acceleration energy.

Why aren’t the biggest animals the fastest?, USA today - Mon 17 Jul 17

Why the cheetah is a champion sprinter

BBC News - Mon 17 Jul 17

New research reveals why bigger is not always better in the animal world when it comes to speed.

Why Can’t Elephants Run Faster Than Cheetahs? - Thu 20 Jul 17

Why are cheetahs the fastest land animals? Why not elephants? Or something similar and bigger? You’d think with a long stride; it’d be easier to hit top speed. Or, going from the ...

Research has settled on a "speed rule" that holds that an intermediate body size is optimal for hitting a sweet spot between brawn and energy burst.

Discovery News - Mon 17 Jul 17

Credit: Tom BrakefieldIt’s not quite E=mc2, but scientists unveiled Monday a simple, powerful formula that explains why some animals run, fly, and swim faster than others. Call ...

Why the Biggest Animals Aren't the Fastest

Livescience - Mon 17 Jul 17

Here's why elephants can't run as fast as cheetahs.

Why the largest animals are never the fastest

Daily Mail - Mon 17 Jul 17

Researchers at the German Centre for Integrative Biodiversity Research in Leipzig, Germany, found large animals run out of energy before being able to reach their maximum speed.

Why bigger isn’t necessarily faster: a look at animal speed limit

ZME Science - Mon 17 Jul 17

Larger animals are faster -- but only to a certain point.

T. rex was probably pretty slow, scientists claim

UPI - Tue 18 Jul 17

New research suggests Tyrannosaurus rex was a rather slower runner, topping out at just 17 miles per hour.

Scientists Accurately Calculate Top Speed of Any Animal

Laboratory Equipment - Tue 18 Jul 17

NewsAnimals that fall within the “sweet spot” of not being too big or too small in size are also equipped with the advantage of being faster than their predators or prey, according to a ...

A scientific stopwatch for the world’s largest animals

Science Blog - Tue 18 Jul 17

We may not be able to time a live Tyrannosaurus rex in the 100-yard dash, but scientists say they now have a good sense of the maximum speed for many of the world’s largest animals, ... Read ...

Why Tyrannosaurus was a slow runner and why the largest are not always the fastest

AlphaGalileo - Mon 17 Jul 17

No other animal on land is faster than a cheetah – the elephant is indeed larger, but slower. For small to medium-sized animals, larger also means faster, but for really large animals, when ...