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CRISPR used to build a biological hard drive out of live bacteria

Gizmag - Thu 13 Jul 17

Hard drives will one day seem as primitive as punch cards or floppy disks, and it may turn out that the medium that replaces them was inside us all along: DNA. There's a mind-boggling ...

Scientists encode video in DNA of live bacteria

Cosmos Magazine - Wed 12 Jul 17

New research demonstrates the possibilities of using DNA to store data.

Gif and image written into the DNA of bacteria

BBC News - Wed 12 Jul 17

Images and a short film are inserted into bacteria DNA and recovered with 90% accuracy.

Video stored in live bacterial genome using CRISPR gene editing

Newscientist - Wed 12 Jul 17

Cutting and pasting information into living DNA could theoretically safeguard complex records through a nuclear apocalypse

Scientists Store Video Data in the DNA of Living Organisms

IEEE Spectrum - Wed 12 Jul 17

Video goes a different kind of viral: through E. coli cells

Lights, camera, CRISPR: Biologists use gene editing to store movies in DNA

Nature News - Wed 12 Jul 17

Technique demonstrated in E. coli suggests ways to record key events in a cell's life.

Scientists Used CRISPR to Put a GIF Inside Living DNA

MIT Technology Review - Wed 12 Jul 17

Harvard researchers embedded images in the genomes of bacteria to test the limits of DNA storage.

Taking cells out to the movies with new CRISPR technology - Wed 12 Jul 17

Researchers are developing ways to harness DNA, the blueprint of biological life, as a synthetic raw material to store large amounts of digital information outside of living cells, using expensive ...

Watch the First Movie Stored and Retrieved From DNA of Living Cells

KQED Science - Tue 18 Jul 17

Forget iTunes or your old zipper case of DVDs. How about storing movies in a Petri dish of E. coli? Researchers at Harvard Medical School and the Wyss Institute for Biologically Inspired Engineering ...

DNA Double Feature: Scientists Replay Movie Stored in Molecules - Fri 14 Jul 17

Scientists have successfully screened a movie recovered from the DNA of living cells. Sallie Gardner at the Gallop (a.k.a. The Horse in Motion)—Eadweard Muybridge’s 1878 photographic ...

Movie encoded in DNA in first step to 'molecular recorders,' scientists say

FOXNews - Thu 13 Jul 17

There's another way to create a moving image -- through DNA in living cells.

Scientists store a famous movie in DNA

TechCrunch - Thu 13 Jul 17

 Researchers have long thought about storing data in DNA and, so far, it seems to be working. They’ve already stuffed a book into DNA and Microsoft is experimenting with a process ...

Scientists have inserted a gif of a horse into living bacteria, did your brain just explode

TechCrunch - Wed 12 Jul 17

 In a new study published in Nature, a group of scientists at Harvard have successfully stored a GIF— yes, like a moving meme — into live bacteria (E. coli to be specific). ...

Scientists store a movie in bacterial DNA

Daily Mail - Wed 12 Jul 17

The tiny movie, consisting of just five frames, shows a galloping thoroughbred mare named Annie G galloping in 1887 - and was stored on the DNA of an e-coli bacteria.

A new place to share GIFs: the DNA of living bacteria

The Verge - Wed 12 Jul 17

Scientists have inserted a GIF into the DNA of living bacteria, bringing us one step closer to one day embedding information in our own skin. Using DNA to store data isn’t new, ...

They’re everywhere on facebook, and now scientists have stored a GIF inside a living bacteria with the help of CRISPR

ZME Science - Wed 12 Jul 17

It's the first time CRISPR was used to store and retrieve media from DNA.

See the first movie recorded on the DNA of living cells - CNET

CNET Cutting Edge - Wed 12 Jul 17

Harvard scientists hope their molecular equivalent of an airplane "black box" could help unlock mysteries of human biology.

Researchers used CRISPR to encode a movie into DNA

Popular Science - Wed 12 Jul 17

Science Genome GIFs. Using the gene editing technique CRISPR, the researchers encoded a series of images and a short video in the form of a GIF into the DNA of E. Coli. Read ...

Who needs film when you can store a movie in bacteria DNA?

L.A. Times - Wed 12 Jul 17

You might call it the smallest movie ever made. This week, a team of scientists report that they have successfully embedded a short film into the DNA of living bacteria cells. The mini-movie, ...

Living bacteria write pictures and movies to DNA

Chemistry World - Wed 12 Jul 17

Crispr–Cas9 tool used to store information in the genome of living E. coli

A Living Hard Drive: This GIF Was Stored in the DNA of Bacteria

SingularityHub - Sun 16 Jul 17

DNA is a hugely promising medium for storing data. Consider that a cell nucleus can hold the instructions for an organism as complex as a human. So far efforts to store non-genetic data in DNA ...

Scientists encode movie clip in the DNA of living cells

UPI - Thu 13 Jul 17

Scientists have played back a move encoded in the DNA of living cells, a first.

Some scientists just uploaded a GIF of a horse onto bacteria

Techradar - Thu 13 Jul 17

They say don't look a GIF horse in the mouth but these scientists don't care about your pun-filled proverbs.

Scientists Upload a Galloping Horse GIF Into Bacteria With Crispr

Wired Science - Wed 12 Jul 17

DNA could be a robust storage system for data, but never before have researchers stored information in a live organism.

Scientists replay movie encoded in DNA

ScienceDaily - Wed 12 Jul 17

For the first time, a primitive movie has been encoded in -- and then played back from -- DNA in living cells. Scientists say it's a major step toward a 'molecular recorder' that may someday ...