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Is a sixth mass extinction already happening?

Cosmos Magazine - Wed 12 Jul 17

While new research suggests that a sixth mass extinction is underway and even more severe than was previously thought, other scientists say that alarmism won’t help conservation efforts. ...

Biologists say disappearance of species tells only part of the story of human impact on Earth's animals - Mon 10 Jul 17

No bells tolled when the last Catarina pupfish on Earth died. Newspapers didn't carry the story when the Christmas Island pipistrelle vanished forever.

Prelude to global extinction: Disappearance of species tells only part of the story of human impact on Earth’s animals, Science Blog - Tue 11 Jul 17

A human-caused mass extinction is underway, threatening the foundations of civilization, researchers argue in a study of the planet's declining biodiversity.

Discovery News - Tue 11 Jul 17

Credit: DeAgostini/Getty ImagesOn June 24, 2012, Lonesome George, the last of the Pinta Island tortoises, died quietly in his pen at a research facility in the Galapagos.   The ...

Earth's sixth mass extinction is already underway

Daily Mail - Tue 11 Jul 17

Researchers from Stanford and Mexico City universities said human overpopulation and greed are driving factors behind the destruction of species on Earth, which is causing ecosystems to collapse. ...

'Biological annihilation:' Earth faces sixth mass extinction

USA today - Mon 10 Jul 17

Scientists say we've entered a sixth mass extinction, and humans are the primary cause, according to a new study.        

Ongoing mass extinction causing ‘biological annihilation,’ new study says - Tue 11 Jul 17

A new study demonstrates that the populations of thousands of vertebrates, many of which have yet to raise concern, are decreasing, in addition to an alarming global loss of species.

Sixth Mass Extinction Brings ‘Biological Annihilation’ of Populations

Laboratory Equipment - Tue 11 Jul 17

NewsSome 200 species of vertebrates have gone extinct over the last century. The normal extinction rate would dictate that those species would die off over much longer: a period of about 10,000 ...

The sixth mass extinction is killing off wildlife 100 times faster than normal

Inhabitat - Tue 11 Jul 17

For years, scientists have warned that Earth is entering it sixth mass extinction — an era in which three-quarters of all species die off within only a few centuries. However terrifying this ...

Sixth die-off faster than feared: study

The Hindu - Tue 11 Jul 17

Mammal species that were monitored have lost at least a third of their original habitat

Prelude to global extinction: Human impact on Earth's animals

ScienceDaily - Mon 10 Jul 17

In the first such global evaluation, biologists found more than 30 percent of all vertebrates have declining populations. They call for curbs on the basic drivers of these losses.