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A ‘Teleportation’ to Outer Space

TIME - Fri 14 Jul 17

It wasn’t easy to flummox Albert Einstein, but quantum entanglement had him stumped. Per entanglement theory, it is possible for two particles to become connected in such a way that even ...

Scientists Just Teleported an Object Into Space for the First Time

TIME - Wed 12 Jul 17

It's the first time that was ever done

Object successfully teleported into space by scientists

The Independent - Wed 12 Jul 17

The success could revolutionise computers and the internet

What ‘teleporting’ a photon to space means

Cosmos Magazine - Tue 11 Jul 17

Using quantum entanglement and a purpose-built satellite, first successful ‘quantum teleportation’ brings a quantum internet a step closer.

Quantum satellites demonstrate teleportation and encryption

Physics World - Tue 11 Jul 17

Flash Physics: need-to-know updates from the world of physics

Quantum-computer node uses two different ion species, Physics World - Mon 10 Jul 17

In a First, Photons are 'Teleported' from Earth to Space

Discover Magazine - Tue 11 Jul 17

Chinese researchers have successfully transmitted quantum entangled particles from a station on earth to a satellite orbiting far overhead. The experiment is part of an ongoing effort by researchers ...

Physicists transmit data via Earth-to-space quantum entanglement - Tue 11 Jul 17

(—Two teams of researchers in China have advanced the distance that entangled particles can be used to send information, including encryption keys. In their papers, both uploaded ...

First Object Teleported from Earth to Orbit

MIT Technology Review - Mon 10 Jul 17

Researchers in China have teleported a photon from the ground to a satellite orbiting more than 500 kilometers above.

Chinese Scientists Channel Star Trek And Beam Quantum Entangled Photons Into Space

HotHardware - Sun 16 Jul 17

"Beam me up, Scotty!" Chinese scientists just set a record for quantum entanglement distance, and many argue that this experiment expands the possibilities for global quantum communication. The ...

Chinese Scientists Just Set the Record for the Farthest Quantum Teleportation - Sat 15 Jul 17

Chinese scientists have just shattered a record in teleportation. They sent the quantum state of a photon from the ground in Tibet to a satellite in orbit, 870 miles (1,400 kilometers) above ...

Chinese Scientists Just Set the Record for the Farthest Quantum Teleportation, Livescience - Fri 14 Jul 17

Chinese researchers successfully realized ground-to-satellite quantum teleportation using a photon particle — a feat that could one day make for a better and more secure internet.

Discovery News - Thu 13 Jul 17

Credit: ThinkstockScientists from China have just performed the first ever quantum teleportation from Earth to space. Does this mean we are now living in the future envisioned ...

Beam me up? Scientists teleport 1st object ever from Earth into space

USA today - Thu 13 Jul 17

Chinese scientists have successfully teleported the first object from the Earth's surface to an orbiting satellite.        

China teleports photon to SPACE

Daily Mail - Tue 11 Jul 17

In a major breakthrough, researchers in China established the first ground-to-satellite quantum network, which allowed them to transmit a photon from an entangled pair up to 870 miles. ...

Photon Teleported Between Earth and Space for the First Time

Extremetech - Mon 10 Jul 17

Beam us up, Scotty. The post Photon Teleported Between Earth and Space for the First Time appeared first on ExtremeTech.

China teleports quantum information to space, a first

UPI - Wed 12 Jul 17

For the first time, scientists in China have successfully teleported a photon to space using quantum entanglement -- the coupling of two quantum particles.

China teleports quantum information to space, a first, SpaceDaily - Fri 14 Jul 17