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60 possible new species found in Suriname forest - Thu 3 Oct 13

Biologists with a U.S.-based conservation group say six frogs, 11 fish and numerous insects found in remote sections of Suriname's rainforest are among 60 creatures that may be new species.

Gleaming beetle one of 60 new species in Suriname

Newscientist - Thu 3 Oct 13

The tiny acorn-like beetle was discovered along with 11 fishes, six frogs, a snake, and several insects in one of Earth's most isolated natural havens    

In Photos: Tropical Eden Discovered in Suriname Rain Forests

Livescience - Mon 7 Oct 13

Biologists studying one of the most remote tracts of rain forest left on Earth, has documented an amazing richness of biodiversity, including 60 species that are likely new to science and unique ...

Cocoa Frog Among New Species Discovered in 'Pristine' Ecosystem

Livescience - Mon 7 Oct 13

Frogs, dung beetles, new fish species and more greeted scientists on an expedition to the pristine rainforests of southeastern Suriname. The region is an important freshwater resource for the ...

Remote Rain Forest Expedition Finds 60 New Species

National Geographic - Thu 3 Oct 13

Scientists exploring Suriname's rain forests, some of the most remote on Earth, discovered 60 new species and a pristine region in need of protection.

New Species Found in 'Tropical Eden': Photos

Discovery News - Wed 2 Oct 13

A mountainous region of southeastern Suriname, which some believe has the world's most beautiful and pristine forest, is home to 60 new-found species.

Scientists discover cocoa frog and 60 other new species in remote Suriname (photos) - Fri 11 Oct 13

In one of the most untouched and remote rainforests in the world, scientists have discovered some sixty new species, including a chocolate-colored frog and a super-mini dung beetle. The species ...

Field trip in Suriname yields 60 species new to science

UPI - Thu 3 Oct 13

PARAMARIBO, Suriname, Oct. 3 (UPI) -- Scientists say they've discovered 60 species new to science, including a chocolate-colored frog and a tiny beetle just a tenth of an inch long, in Suriname.