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Aging worker termites explode themselves in suicide missions - Fri 27 Jul 12

( -- A new study of termites has revealed that older workers are equipped with suicide packs of chemicals on their backs to fight off intruders.

Termites explode to defend their colonies

Nature News - Thu 26 Jul 12

Older workers use chemical reaction to increase toxicity of 'explosive backpacks'.

Termite 'bomb' for nest intruders

BBC News - Thu 26 Jul 12

Aged members of a termite species use chemical weapons to injure nest intruders, a study in Science journal shows.

Termite Kamikazes

The Scientist - Thu 26 Jul 12

Older termites build up backpacks of toxic material that they can unleash on their enemies by bursting their bodies.

Suicidal termites use chemical weapons to defend colony

Newscientist - Thu 26 Jul 12

When their teeth are too blunt to be of use, ageing termites defend their territory by detonating explosive backpacks

Old Termites Blow Themselves Up to Protect the Nest

Science Now - Thu 26 Jul 12

Aging insects carry explosive crystals on their backs

Terminator termites have unique technique

ScienceNews - Thu 26 Jul 12

Older workers vanquish foes in toxic, self-sacrificial burst

Termite workers suicide to protect colony from invaders. Remarkable social behavior

ZME Science - Fri 27 Jul 12

Defense, like offence, is expensive for any animal. It takes resources and a lot of energy, and for some, it even comes at an ultimate sacrifice. Such is the case of a species of termite found ...

Old Termites Can Become Suicidal Terrorists

Discovery News - Thu 26 Jul 12

In the insect world, it pays not to mess around with old termites.

Older worker termites become exploding, toxic defenders

Arstechnica - Thu 26 Jul 12

As their mandibles wear down, they engage in suicidal defense.

Exploding Blue Termites Spew Toxic Goo in Battle

Livescience - Thu 26 Jul 12

A species of termite sends older workers on suicide missions, scientists say.

Exploding Toxic Termites: Oh Yeah, It's A Real Thing

RedOrbit - Fri 27 Jul 12

Lee Rannals for - Your Universe Online Just like wine and scotch, a species of termite has been found to just get better with age, except instead of developing tasty tannins, they ...