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Touch?rings touch control to everyday things

Newscientist - Fri 4 May 12

Disney researchers have created a new system that detects a variety of touch gestures on doorknobs, furniture or even your own body

Touch?ouch sensing technology that can detect body gestures

Gizmag - Fri 4 May 12

Touch sensitive displays have changed the way we interact with electronic devices everyday, evolving from single to multi-touch displays that can recognize multiple contacts. Now researchers ...

Revolutionary technology enables objects to know how they are being touched (w/ Video) - Fri 4 May 12

A doorknob that knows whether to lock or unlock based on how it is grasped, a smartphone that silences itself if the user holds a finger to her lips and a chair that adjusts room lighting based ...

Revolutionary technology enables objects to know how they are being touched, e! Science News - Fri 4 May 12
'Smart doorknobs' and gesture-controlled smartphones: Revolutionary technology enables objects to know your touch, ScienceDaily - Thu 3 May 12
Revolutionary technology enables objects to know how they are being touched, Eurekalert - Thu 3 May 12

Video: Touch-Sensitive Doorknobs Could Lock or Unlock With the Curl of a Finger

Popular Science - Mon 7 May 12

Doorknob Touch Disney Labs Researchers from Carnegie Mellon University and Disney Research, which is the lab arm of the Disney Company that focuses on computer animation and interactivity, among ...

Disney Research's Touche takes touch interfaces to the next level

Techspot - Mon 7 May 12

Have you ever wanted to control devices by touching everyday objects and even parts of your body? Sure you have! And a team at Disney Research and Carnegie Mellon University is working on the ...

Disney bringing touch controls to body parts, water, more

FOXNews - Mon 7 May 12

Next-gen touch sensor technology will allow people to control devices by touching parts of their body, according to Disney.

Disney Touch?urns everyday objects into multi-touch, gesture-recognizing interfaces

Extremetech - Mon 7 May 12

At its most basic, Touch?ould be used to enhance touchscreen devices like smartphones -- but it could also turn everyday objects such as doorknobs, tables, liquids, or even your own body, into ...

Disney researchers put gesture recognition in door knobs, chairs, fish tanks

Arstechnica - Sat 5 May 12

Imagine a door that locks when you pinch the knob. Or a smartphone that can be silenced by a hand gesture. Or a chair that adjusts room lighting when you recline into it. A team of researchers ...

Disney Research invents amazing new touch sensing tech

Dvice - Fri 4 May 12

]]>We were only barely aware that Disney Research even existed, but entirely out of left field it's come up with a simple yet sophisticated implementation of capacitive touch sensing that's ...

A Touch Creepy: Doorknobs and Couches Are Watching You

Livescience - Fri 4 May 12

The sensor could be used in a cellphone you can answer by tapping your palm, or a couch that knows when you're sleeping.

Tablet-like touch interface comes to everyday objects

CNET Cutting Edge - Fri 4 May 12

Researchers at Disney and Carnegie Mellon develop Touche, an interface system where multiple gestures can be added to existing touch screens and other objects, including "smart doorknobs."

Touch?eaches Objects To Sense Your Touch

TechCrunch - Thu 3 May 12

Researchers at Disney and Carnegie Mellon University have created an interesting new technology using Swept Frequency Capacitive Sensing that allows nearly any object to sense multiple points ...

Sensors Could Make Touch-Smart Objects

Laboratory Equipment - Fri 4 May 12

A sensor makes it possible to not only detect a "touch event," but to recognize complex configurations of the hand or body that is doing the touching.

Future Of Touch Gestures Could Lie In The Palm Of Your Hand

RedOrbit - Mon 7 May 12

Disney Research is planning a new technology that could one day see mobile phone users access their smartphone through the palm of their hand. Disney Research in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania showed ...

Objects that know when they are touched

R&D Mag - Fri 4 May 12

Touch?a new sensing technique developed by a team at Disney Research, Pittsburgh, and Carnegie Mellon University, is a form of capacitive touch sensing, similar to what's used in smartphone ...