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Pond bugs hooked in sex struggle

BBC News - Fri 4 May 12

Pond skater males have evolved elaborate antennae due to sexual struggles with females, say researchers.

Biologists turn back the clock to understand evolution of sex differences - Thu 3 May 12

Sex differences account for some of the most of the spectacular traits in nature: the wild colours of male guppies, the plumage of peacocks, tusks on walruses and antlers on moose. Sexual conflict ...

Biologists turn back the clock to understand evolution of sex differences, HealthCanal - Mon 7 May 12

Researchers Reverse Evolution in Water Striders

Science Now - Thu 3 May 12

Mutations arm bugs for battle of the sexes

Zoologger: Jesus bugs evolved hooks for grappling eyes

Newscientist - Thu 3 May 12

Male Rheumatobates rileyi have special antennae that restrain reluctant females, giving them a chance of mating

Male Water Bugs Sprout Hooks and Spikes For Sex Battle

Livescience - Thu 3 May 12

Grasping antennae evolved in male water bugs to hold reluctant females

Study exposes 'arms race' between male and female mating traits

Science Blog - Thu 3 May 12

A team of researchers led by University of Toronto's Locke Rowe has turned back the evolutionary clock to expose the [...]

Evolution of sex differences: Battles of sexes shown to spur adaptive sex differences

ScienceDaily - Thu 3 May 12

Male water striders benefit by mating frequently, females by mating infrequently: both have developed traits to give them the upper hand. The researchers modified a gene involved in the development ...