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Jupiter and Venus still blaze in the west

Discover Magazine - Wed 14 Mar 12

If you’ve been outside just after sunset and faced west, ...

Jupiter and Venus still blaze in the west, Discover Magazine - Wed 14 Mar 12

Astronomers excited as Jupiter and Venus move closer together

The Independent - Mon 12 Mar 12

Jupiter and Venus will appear closest over the next two nights, according to astronomers.

Venus and Jupiter in 'close pass'

BBC News - Sun 11 Mar 12

Jupiter will appear to pass Venus in the western night sky in the coming days, at a separation of about two fingers' width held at arm's length.

Venus and Jupiter: your sightings - Wed 14 Mar 12

Readers tell us more about how the Venus and Jupiter dance looks from viewpoints across earth. Share your sightings with us by emailing and astronomer Marek Kukula ...

Venus and Jupiter conjunction - interactive - Tue 13 Mar 12

Venus and Jupiter are dancing alongside each other this week in a rare conjunction. This is our guide to watching the displayPaddy Allen

Jupiter and Venus 'Could Be Mistaken for UFOs' - Tue 13 Mar 12

A British astronomer says these planets will probably inspire some calls to the police tonight when they converge in the night sky.

Conjunction Conundrum: When Will Venus & Jupiter Be Closest Together? - Tue 13 Mar 12

We explain why you might see various dates listed for this week's Jupiter-Venus conjunction.

Moon to move in as Jupiter and Venus separate Science - Tue 13 Mar 12

Jupiter and Venus are due to separate after their close encounter in the night sky, but each will be joined by the Moon as the month draws to a close.

Venus and Jupiter: how to spot them - Tue 13 Mar 12

The two planets will appear side-by-side in western skies for the next two evenings - offering a dazzling spectacle. So where and how can you best see them?After the moon, they are the two brightest ...

Jupiter and Venus conjunction dazzles amateur astronomers Science - Tue 13 Mar 12

Jupiter and Venus last night appeared next to each other in the night sky in a display that delighted amateur astrologists.

Jupiter and Venus conjunction dazzles amateur astrologists, Science - Tue 13 Mar 12

Venus and Jupiter approach one another in night sky Science - Tue 13 Mar 12

Venus and Jupiter will appear side by side after sunset tonight as their paths appear to cross in the night sky.

Venus and Jupiter cuddle in the night sky

ZME Science - Mon 12 Mar 12

It’s really not too late to catch the spectacular show offered by Venus and Jupiter; on Monday and Tuesday evening, the two planets will appear in the sky at a distance of only three degrees ...

Dazzling Jupiter and Venus 'could be mistaken for UFOs' Science - Mon 12 Mar 12

Robert Massey of the Royal Astronomical Society says he would not be surprised if the alignment of Jupiter and Venus prompted reports of UFOs as the two brightest planets appear together in ...

Venus and Jupiter to pass in 'close encounter' over UK skies for next 2 nights

Daily Mail - Mon 12 Mar 12

After an exciting few weeks for stargazers, it is now the turn of Jupiter and Venus to amaze us, as they converge in a conjunction over the next two nights.

Graphic: Where to see the Jupiter-Venus conjunction Science - Mon 12 Mar 12

Graphic shows the estimated location where the planets will be located in the sky, and reveals answers to various questions surrounding the conjunction.

Mild and dry weather expected to remain all week - Mon 12 Mar 12

Above-average temperatures set to continue across most of UK with prospect of hosepipe bans in London and south-eastOne of the warmest weekends of the year in the UK so far will be followed ...

Starwatch: Venus on 147-years high - Sun 11 Mar 12

Mars shines bright and reddish low in the east at nightfall at present and climbs high into the south by midnight. Nothing in the current night sky can compare, though, with the spectacle being ...

Venus appears highest in the sky for 2012 - Wed 14 Mar 12

Astronomy Magazine News Article - Released:3/14/2012

Venus, Jupiter Give Dazzling Nighttime Show

RedOrbit - Wed 14 Mar 12

Skywatchers are in for a real treat this week as Jupiter, Venus and other objects in the solar system put on a spectacular nighttime show. Venus and Jupiter, which have been dancing toward each ...

Conjunction Of Jupiter And Venus Impresses Skywatchers

RedOrbit - Tue 13 Mar 12

If you have noticed an unusual conjunction of lights in the night sky lately, you are not seeing alien craft coming to whisk you away, you are seeing a conjunction of Venus and Jupiter and it ...