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Preserving rare languages: Embracing the future

The Economist - Thu 23 Feb 12

Quick, remind me: how do you say "lights, camera, action"? THE phrase "use it or lose it" applies to few things more forcefully than to obscure languages. A tongue that is not spoken will shrivel ...

Digital tools 'to save languages'

BBC News - Sat 18 Feb 12

Facebook, YouTube and even texting will be the salvation of many of the world's endangered languages, scientists believe.

Podcast: Saving Endangered Languages

Science Now - Fri 17 Feb 12

What can be done to preserve dying tongues?

Dying languages to be preserved in talking dictionaries

The Independent - Fri 17 Feb 12

Some of the thousands of endangered languages destined to soon become extinct because so few people are speaking them are being preserved in the form of digital "talking dictionaries", designed ...

'Talking dictionaries' document vanishing languages - Fri 17 Feb 12

Digital technology is coming to the rescue of some of the world's most endangered languages. Linguists from National Geographic's Enduring Voices project who are racing to document and revitalize ...

'Talking dictionaries' document vanishing languages, Eurekalert - Fri 17 Feb 12

Pictures: See and Hear Last Speakers of Dying Languages

National Geographic - Fri 17 Feb 12

Faces and recorded voices tell the stories of endangered languages, thanks to new "talking dictionaries."

Native Americans Fight to Save Endangered Languages

Livescience - Fri 17 Feb 12

Some of the world's languages are now spoken by only a handful of people.

American Indian Movement Song

Livescience - Fri 17 Feb 12

Margaret Noori sings a traditional song in the Ashininaabemowin of the Ojibwe people of Michigan.

Digital Dictionaries Help Save Vanishing Languages

Discovery News - Fri 17 Feb 12

Two linguists aim to save endangered languages using digital multimedia and the Internet.

Internet aids endangered world languages

UPI - Mon 20 Feb 12

VANCOUVER, British Columbia, Feb. 20 (UPI) -- Near-extinct languages, spoken by only small groups of people around the world, could be saved by social media networks and the Internet, U.S. researchers ...

Social media saving endangered languages

UPI - Sat 18 Feb 12

OTTAWA, Feb. 18 (UPI) -- A scientist says digital tools including Facebook, YouTube and text messaging will save some of the world's endangered languages.

Internet may save endangered languages Tech - Sat 18 Feb 12

Vanishing languages spoken by only small groups of people around the world could be saved from extinction by social media networks and the internet.

How social media help save an endangered language

HealthCanal - Fri 17 Feb 12

ANN ARBOR, Mich.--There was a time when everyone living in Michigan grew up speaking the native language of the area's indigenous people. Now less than 10 people born in the state are fluent, ...