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You sound how you eat: speech evolved as diet changed

Cosmos Magazine - Sun 17 Mar 19

Research confirms a long-derided linguistic theory. Natalie Parletta reports.

Softer, processed foods changed the way ancient humans spoke - Fri 15 Mar 19

The human capacity for language divides our species from the rest of the animal kingdom. Language has not only allowed us to conquer all corners of the globe, but to devise writing, mathematics ...

The 'F' and 'V' Sounds Might Only Be A Few Thousand Years Old

Discover Magazine - Thu 14 Mar 19

More than 7,000 languages are spoken around the world today, each with unique words and phrases. But linguists have usually assumed that the sonic palette humans have used to produce these ...

Softer Diets Allowed Early Humans to Pronounce "F," "V" Sounds

The Scientist - Thu 14 Mar 19

Drastic dietary changes during the agricultural revolution altered the configuration of the human bite, paving the way for new sounds in spoken language, a new study finds.

Humans couldn't pronounce 'f' and 'v' sounds before farming developed

Newscientist - Thu 14 Mar 19

The development of agriculture in the Neolithic transformed world languages thanks to softer food – a finding that resolves a long-standing puzzle of the origin of speech sounds

The rise of farming altered our bite and changed how people talk

ScienceNews - Thu 14 Mar 19

Soft, processed foods altered our bite, which added “f” and “v” sounds to speech and changed languages worldwide, a study finds.

Diet-induced changes favor innovation in speech sounds - Thu 14 Mar 19

Diet-induced changes in the human bite resulted in new sounds such as "f" in languages all over the world, according to a study by an international team led by researchers at the University ...

Diet-induced changes favor innovation in speech sounds, ScienceDaily - Fri 15 Mar 19

Ancestral Diet Changes Might Have Given Us the ‘F’ Word, Study Finds - Thu 14 Mar 19

Human speech sounds are shared worldwide, and a new study suggests that ancestral human diet changes might have caused “f” and “v” sounds in global languages. A group ...

Food innovations changed our mouths, which in turn changed our languages

Ars Technica - Thu 14 Mar 19

The overbite that comes from eating soft food may make "ffff" sounds more common.

We Can Thank Agriculture and Soft Food for the 'F' Word, Claims Provocative New Study

Gizmodo - Thu 14 Mar 19

Humans couldn’t always easily produce “f” and “v” sounds, according to a surprising new study. The reason we can now enjoy words like “flavor” and “effervescent,” say the researchers, ...

Human speech sounds evolved because of our diet, study says

CNN - Thu 14 Mar 19

Although languages around the world vary greatly, some share similar speech sounds. A new study suggests that labiodental sounds like "f" and "v" are included in about half of the world's languages ...

Study: How You Speak Shaped by What Your Ancestors Ate

Laboratory Equipment - Mon 18 Mar 19

NewsThe way most of us speak today is shaped in part by how long ago our ancestors gave up chewing tough, raw meat.Contributed Author: Christina Larson, Associated PressTopics: Food/Bev

Neolithic diet helped develop ‘f’ sound

The Hindu - Fri 15 Mar 19

Language was shaped by culturally induced changes in human biology, say researchers