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Tinder and Grindr are being questioned about age verification after a report on child abuse

The Verge - Mon 11 Feb 19

Tinder and Grindr are facing new scrutiny over their age verification practices after a report found several examples of children being abused after signing up for dating apps. ...

Tinder, Grindr age policies face scrutiny after child rape reports - CNET

CNET - Mon 11 Feb 19

The UK government wants to know how the dating apps are trying to keep children safe.

Dating apps face questions over age checks after report exposes child abuse

TechCrunch - Mon 11 Feb 19

The UK government has said it could legislate to require age verification checks on users of dating apps, following an investigation into underage use of dating apps published by the Sunday ...

UK to question Tinder, Grindr over age checks in dating apps

Engadget - Mon 11 Feb 19

Tinder and Grindr are about to face close scrutiny over their age policies. The UK's Secretary of State for Digital, Culture, Media and Sport, Jeremy Wright, plans to ask the ...

Grindr turns 10: Chips with Everything podcast - Mon 11 Feb 19

In this Valentine’s week special, Jordan Erica Webber looks at whether apps have helped or hindered the art of datingGrindr, the dating app geared towards gay, bisexual, trans and queer people, ...

Grindr and Tinder 'must not risk children's safety'

BBC Technology - Sun 10 Feb 19

Minister vows to question Grindr and Tinder on safeguarding measures following "shocking" findings.