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Watch: a gecko runs on water

Cosmos Magazine - Sun 9 Dec 18

Reptile strategy could inspire swimming robot design. Nick Carne reports.

Image of the Day: Geckos on the Run

The Scientist - Fri 7 Dec 18

Surface slapping and side-to-side swinging let geckos sprint across water.

Geckos filmed to find out how they walk on water

TechXplore - Fri 7 Dec 18

Anyone who's seen a gecko will likely know they can climb walls. But these common lizards can also run across water nearly as fast as they can move on solid ground. Yet while we know how geckos ...

Running on water added to gecko's impressive list of capabilities

Gizmag - Fri 7 Dec 18

The superhero-like abilities of the humble gecko have inspired countless avenues of scientific research, and biologists have uncovered yet another incredible talent to add to the list. ...

Geckos sprint across water on air bubbles they make with their legs

Newscientist - Thu 6 Dec 18

House geckos are too big to float using surface tension, and too small to create enough force to walk across water, so they use a combination of these tricks

Here’s how geckos (almost) walk on water

ScienceNews - Thu 6 Dec 18

New high-speed video reveals how geckos use a hybrid walking-swimming gait in water to reach speeds similar to those on land.

Acrobatic geckos, highly maneuverable on land and in the air, can also race on water - Thu 6 Dec 18

Geckos are renowned for their acrobatic feats on land and in the air, but a new discovery that they can also run on water puts them in the superhero category, says a University of California, ...

Acrobatic geckos, highly maneuverable on land and in the air, can also race on water, ScienceDaily - Thu 6 Dec 18

New Study Explains How Geckos ‘Walk’ On Water - Fri 7 Dec 18

Step aside, Wolverine and Spider-Man: Geckos are real life superheroes—with a growing list of natural powers. A new study, published in the journal Current Biology, reveals how the wide-eyed ...

Geckos can walk on water: here’s how (with a video)

ZME Science - Thu 6 Dec 18

Another mystery solved my science!

It turns out geckos can run on water—and this adorable video shows how

Popular Science - Thu 6 Dec 18

Animals These little lizards combined evolutionary tactics to come up with their own unique way of running. Geckos can run straight up a wall, but it’s their ability to ...

How geckos run across water – they create air pockets with their feet

Daily Mail - Thu 6 Dec 18

Researchers have found that geckos, native to sub-Saharan Africa, can move across a water's surface by using a slapping motion to hoist their bodies up, creating an air bubble which generates ...

Geckos’ new superpower is running on water; now we know how they do it

Ars Technica - Thu 6 Dec 18

The mouse-sized lizards use a combination of surface tension and slapping motion.

Biophysicists measure how geckos glide across water

UPI - Fri 7 Dec 18

New research reveals how geckos walk on water.