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Look Up This Weekend: The Orionid Meteor Shower Will Light Up the Sky

Discover Magazine - Thu 18 Oct 18

A Gift From Halley This weekend, go outside and look up in the dark hours before dawn to witness the annual Orionid meteor shower, which will hit its peak overnight on October 21-22. You may ...

Look up this weekend: The Orionid meteor shower will light up the sky, - Thu 18 Oct 18

Mysterious cosmic radio signal spotted unusually close to Earth

Newscientist - Mon 15 Oct 18

The first fast radio burst to be detected in a nearby galaxy may provide clues about what – or who – is able to transmit these strange, powerful signals

Astronomers reveal 20 new Fast Radio Bursts

Cosmos Magazine - Wed 10 Oct 18

A new radio telescope increases the number of mysterious high powered emissions from beyond the galaxy. Andrew Masterson reports.

Aussie telescope almost doubles known number of mysterious 'fast radio bursts' - Wed 10 Oct 18

Australian researchers using a CSIRO radio telescope in Western Australia have nearly doubled the known number of 'fast radio bursts'— powerful flashes of radio waves from deep space.

Orionid meteor shower to light up night sky this weekend: Everything you need to know

FOXNews - Fri 19 Oct 18

Halloween fans are in for an early treat — a sprinkle of stars will be visible in the night's sky this weekend as the Orionid meteor shower makes its annual appearance.

Orionid Meteor Shower 2018 Peaks This Weekend with Bits of Halley's Comet: What to Expect - Fri 19 Oct 18

If you're a meteor enthusiast, the year 2018 has been very kind to you — and another reliable meteor shower is on its way this weekend.

Look up: The Orionid meteor shower peaks this weekend

USA today - Thu 18 Oct 18

Keep your eyes to the sky this weekend: You might get a peek at the Orionid meteor shower.        

'Alien' fast radio bursts found extremely close to Earth

Daily Mail - Tue 16 Oct 18

Researchers at Swinburne University of Technology in Australia are behind the find and they say the object responsible for the signal must be within 100 million light years or so.

Asteroid twice the size of the Statue of Liberty heading toward Earth

USA today - Fri 12 Oct 18

Fear-mongering aside, NASA is watching an asteroid that's going to cross paths with our planet. Buzz60's Tony Spitz has the details.        

Scientists are spotting deep space radio wave bursts at faster rates

Engadget - Thu 11 Oct 18

Fast radio bursts (FRBs) are brief but incredibly intense flashes of radio waves that originate outside of our galaxy, and these milliseconds-long bursts of light are rather mysterious ...

We’ve seen more fast radio bursts, but still don’t know what they are

Ars Technica - Thu 11 Oct 18

A survey shows that the lone repeating instance is a real exception.

Mysterious deep-space flashes: 19 more 'fast radio bursts' found

FOXNews - Thu 11 Oct 18

A huge haul of newfound fast radio bursts (FRBs) may help astronomers finally start to get a handle on these mysterious and powerful blasts from deep space.

Mysterious Deep-Space Flashes: 19 More 'Fast Radio Bursts' Found , - Wed 10 Oct 18

Fast Radio Bursts Shine Light on Celestial Web - Thu 11 Oct 18

Another 20 fast radio bursts (FRBs) have been observed by astronomers from Swinburne University of Technology in Australia. The astrophysical mysteries—brief, bright flashes of radio waves ...

Astronomers Confirm Earth Is Being Bombarded with Ancient, Invisible Energy from Another Galaxy

Livescience - Wed 10 Oct 18

The brightest lights you cannot see are bombarding Earth from another galaxy, and they could be signs of aliens.

Australian researchers DOUBLE the number of known fast radio bursts

Daily Mail - Wed 10 Oct 18

Australian researchers have discovered a bevvy of brief but powerful bursts of radio waves. Among the 19 signals observed were some of the closest and brightest FRBs ever detected.

New load of mysterious alien signals detected in one big haul - CNET

CNET - Wed 10 Oct 18

The latest batch of fast radio bursts could help us better understand the universe.

Earth narrowly misses massive meteor storm

Watts Up With That? - Sat 13 Oct 18

On Oct. 8-9, European sky watchers were amazed when a flurry of faint meteors filled the sky at midnight. It was an outburst of the annual Draconids meteor shower. Turns out, that outburst was ...

Telescope spots 20 new fast radio bursts

UPI - Wed 10 Oct 18

With the help of Western Australia's CSIRO radio telescope array, astronomers have nearly doubled the number of documented fast radio bursts.

New telescope almost doubles known number of mysterious 'fast radio bursts'

ScienceDaily - Wed 10 Oct 18

Astronomers have nearly doubled the known number of 'fast radio bursts'-- powerful flashes of radio waves from deep space. The team's discoveries include the closest and brightest fast radio ...