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Humankind's odyssey from Africa began more than two million years ago - Thu 12 Jul 18

Can you imagine walking 14,000km? Trekking across wide savannas, down creek beds, along mountain chains in terrain that is new and home to foreign types of plants and animals? Can I eat this? ...

Ancient stone tools found in China shake up human ancestor timeline (again)

Gizmag - Thu 12 Jul 18

Archaeologists have discovered ancient tools and bones in China that, once again, shake up the timeline of the human origin story. The items are more than two million years old, indicating ...

A Discovery in China Suggests That Human-Like Species Left Africa 250,000 Years Earlier Than Believed

TIME - Wed 11 Jul 18

The artifacts were dug up in the Loess Plateau, north of the Qinling mountains, which divide the north and south of China

Hominins Left Africa for Asia Much Earlier Than Thought

The Scientist - Wed 11 Jul 18

The dating of stone tools in China puts members of the Homo genus there more than 2 million years ago.

Out of Africa, into China

Cosmos Magazine - Wed 11 Jul 18

Tools discovery pushes back hominin migration, calling current theories into question. Andrew Masterson reports.

Stone tools put early hominids in China 2.1 million years ago

ScienceNews - Wed 11 Jul 18

Newly discovered stone tools in China suggest hominids left Africa 250,000 years earlier than we thought.

Earliest evidence of humans outside Africa

BBC News - Wed 11 Jul 18

Scientists say they've found the earliest evidence of a human presence outside Africa.

Were Hominins In China 2.1 Million Years Ago?

Discover Magazine - Wed 11 Jul 18

Nearly a hundred stone tools excavated from multiple layers at a site in China point to hominins — our ancestors and closest kin — being in East Asia about 2.1 million years ago. The find ...

Discovery of ancient tools in China suggests humans left Africa earlier than previously thought - Wed 11 Jul 18

Ancient tools and bones discovered in China by archaeologists suggest early humans left Africa and arrived in Asia earlier than previously thought.

Did humans leave Africa earlier than previously thought?, ScienceDaily - Wed 11 Jul 18

Hominins lived in China 2.1 million years ago

Ars Technica - Wed 11 Jul 18

A new stone tool find pushes back the date for hominin dispersal beyond Africa.

Human ancestors left Africa 2.1 million years ago journeying to Asia

Daily Mail - Wed 11 Jul 18

The stone tools were discovered at Shangchen in the southern Chinese Loess Plateau by a team that was led by Professor Zhaoyu Zhu of the Chinese Academy of Sciences.

Earliest evidence of our human ancestors outside of Africa found

FOXNews - Wed 11 Jul 18

Our ancient human relatives got around more than scientists previously thought. Researchers in China excavated stone tools that were likely made by our human ancestors some 2.12 million years ...

Earliest Evidence of Our Human Ancestors Outside of Africa Found, Livescience - Wed 11 Jul 18

Study: Hominids in China 2.12 Million Years Ago

Laboratory Equipment - Thu 12 Jul 18

NewsTools and artifacts made of stone, found hundreds of feet deep in ancient sedimentary layers, may now indicate hominids left Africa and made it all the way to modern-day China hundreds of ...