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800-year-old shipwreck provides clue to China trade

Cosmos Magazine - Wed 16 May 18

Artefacts from the Java Sea have an important story to tell. Fiona McMillan reports.

A shipwreck and an 800-year-old 'made in China' label reveal lost history - Wed 16 May 18

Centuries ago, a ship sank in the Java Sea off the coast of Indonesia. The wooden hull disintegrated over time, leaving only a treasure trove of cargo. The ship had been carrying thousands of ...

A shipwreck and an 800-year-old 'made in China' label reveal lost history, ScienceDaily - Wed 16 May 18

'Made in China' label sheds light on old Java Sea shipwreck

Reuters - Thu 17 May 18

WASHINGTON (Reuters) - A fresh examination of Chinese ceramics and other cargo from an important Java Sea shipwreck has led researchers to conclude that the vessel sank a century earlier than ...

An 800-year-old label may rewrite the history of a Java Sea shipwreck

Ars Technica - Wed 16 May 18

The label suggests the wreck is a century older than archaeologists thought.

Ancient 'made in China’ label pushes back the date of shipwreck by 100 years

Popular Science - Wed 16 May 18

Science Updated carbon dating techniques helped, too. An inscription on ancient shipwrecked artifacts pushes back the date of the shipwreck by 100 years.

12th-Century Shipwreck Came with Handy 'Made in China' Tag

Livescience - Wed 16 May 18

A bureaucratic label alters the timeline for a sunken ship.

Images: Amazing Artifacts from a Java Sea Shipwreck

Livescience - Wed 16 May 18

Here’s a look at artifacts discovered on a merchant ship that wrecked in the Java Sea in the late 1100s.

Shipwreck mystery solved thanks to 800-year-old 'Made in China' label

FOXNews - Wed 16 May 18

An 800-year-old piece of piece of pottery has helped archaeologists piece together fascinating new details about a medieval ship that sank off the coast of Indonesia.

“Made in China” label allows archaeologists to trace down ancient ship

ZME Science - Wed 16 May 18

An unfortunate centuries-old riddle was solved thanks to an unusual clue: a label.

An ancient 'Made in China' label has revealed the secrets of a mysterious shipwreck

Daily Mail - Wed 16 May 18

Archaeologists at the Field Museum in Chicago studied treasure found in a shipwreck in the Java Sea. Little is known about the ancient wreck and the scientists believe it could be 800 years ...