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How well could "early bird" dinosaurs actually fly?

Gizmag - Wed 14 Mar 18

The dinosaur Archaeopteryx may not be a household name, but its fossils are some of the most interesting and important ever found. With its feathers and light, thin, bird-like bones, ...

Archaeopteryx flew like a pheasant, say scientists

BBC News - Tue 13 Mar 18

The famous winged dinosaur Archaeopteryx, once thought of as the first bird, could fly, research shows.

Feathered dino flew, not glided

Cosmos Magazine - Tue 13 Mar 18

High-tech imaging reveals clues to the origin of flight. Andrew Masterson reports.

Dinobird Archaeopteryx only flew in short bursts like a pheasant

Newscientist - Tue 13 Mar 18

The bird-like dinosaur Archaeopteryx could flap its wings to fly, but only for short bursts – like a modern pheasant flapping to escape danger

Dino-bird had wings made for flapping, not just gliding

ScienceNews - Tue 13 Mar 18

Archaeopteryx fossils suggest the dino-birds were capable of flapping their wings in flight.

The early bird got to fly: Archaeopteryx was an active flyer - Tue 13 Mar 18

The question of whether the Late Jurassic dino-bird Archaeopteryx was an elaborately feathered ground dweller, a glider, or an active flyer has fascinated palaeontologists for decades. Valuable ...

The early bird got to fly: Archaeopteryx was an active flyer, ScienceDaily - Tue 13 Mar 18

Ancient birds couldn’t sit on their eggs without smashing them

Newscientist - Fri 9 Mar 18

The first birds to evolve had hip bones that forced them to lay small, weak eggs that could not support the adult bird’s weight

This Famous Dinosaur Could Fly—But Unlike Anything Alive Today

National Geographic - Wed 14 Mar 18

The animal's wings resemble those of pheasants, but it couldn't flap quite like today's birds.

Celebrated dino-bird Archaeopteryx could fly, but not very well

Reuters Science - Tue 13 Mar 18

WASHINGTON (Reuters) - It may not have been a champion aviator, but the famous dino-bird Archaeopteryx was fully capable of flying despite key skeletal differences from its modern cousins, though ...

Dinosaur finally gets its wings: Study proves Archaeopteryx could fly

USA today - Tue 13 Mar 18

A new study gives the late-Jurassic beast its wings, determining it was capable of active flight or passive gliding.        

The Late Jurassic dino-bird could fly short distances and in bursts, similar to modern pheasants.

Discovery News - Tue 13 Mar 18

Credit: De Agostini Picture Library/De Agostini/Getty ImagesUntil the end of the 20th century, Archaeopteryx was thought of as the world's first bird. In more recent years, ...

Strange dino-bird flew like a pheasant, X-ray scans reveal

Daily Mail - Tue 13 Mar 18

An international team of scientists used the European Synchrotron Radiation Facility in Grenoble, France, to perform state-of-the-art synchrotron microtomography.

150M year-old dinosaur could probably fly, new research suggests

FOXNews - Tue 13 Mar 18

It has been established as scientific fact that birds evolved from a group of dinosaurs known as maniraptoran theropods, a group that included Velociraptors and other small carnivorous dinosaurs. ...

Dinosaur-bird link seems to have been capable of active flight, solving long-time mystery

ZME Science - Tue 13 Mar 18

The way that it flew is unlike anything alive today!