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Ants practice combat triage and nurse their injured

ScienceNews - Fri 16 Feb 18

Termite-hunting ants have their own version of combat medicine for injured nest mates.

Ants nurse wounded warriors back to health: study - Wed 14 Feb 18

African Matabele ants dress the wounds of comrades injured during hunting raids and nurse them back to health, according to an "astonishing" discovery reported Wednesday.

Ants care for wounded comrades by licking their wounds clean

Newscientist - Tue 13 Feb 18

If a Matabele ant loses a limb in a battle with termites, its nestmates will tend its injuries - a behaviour never before seen in any non-human animal

Following Battles, Ant Medics Treat Their Wounded Comrades

Discover Magazine - Tue 13 Feb 18

Ants that hunt termites can risk getting grievously injured in battle, but that doesn't mean its the end of the line. In a newly published study, scientists observed ant medics caring for their ...

These may be the only non-human war medics on earth

FOXNews - Thu 15 Feb 18

A species of African ant lives a life so fierce that it's become expert at wartime triage.

These might be the only non-human war medics on Earth, FOXNews - Thu 15 Feb 18

In wars with termites, ants rescue and care for their wounded

Ars Technica - Wed 14 Feb 18

These ants invest a lot of energy in caring for their injured comrades.

On the Battlefield, Ants Treat Each Other's War Wounds

Livescience - Wed 14 Feb 18

These ants care for one another.

Medical ants rescue and care for injured comrades

ZME Science - Wed 14 Feb 18

The behavior surprised biologists, showing just how complex ants really are.

Scientists in Germany show ants are selfless in battle

Daily Mail - Wed 14 Feb 18

Scientists in Germany watched African Matabele soldier ants go off to hunt termites. They found they risked their lives to carry an injured comrade to safety and spent minutes nursing their ...

'Paramedic' Ants Are the First to Rescue and Heal Their Wounded Comrades

National Geographic - Wed 14 Feb 18

Matabele ants nurse each other back to health after battle with a surprisingly high success rate, a new study finds.

These termite-hunting ants lick the severed legs of their friends to treat them

The Verge - Tue 13 Feb 18

Termite-hunting ants in sub-Saharan Africa treat each other’s wounds by licking them, according to new research. It might sound icky — but the treatment actually saves lives. The ...

Medical care for wounded ants

ScienceDaily - Wed 14 Feb 18

Ants dress the wounds their mates have suffered in battle. Such behavior is believed to be unique among animals.

African ants take care of its wounded warriors: study

The Hindu - Wed 14 Feb 18

This behaviour reduced the fatality rate from about 80 % to a mere 10 %.