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Astronomers find a new twist to mysterious radio signals from space

Gizmag - Thu 11 Jan 18

Incredibly powerful but gone in a flash, mysterious signals known as Fast Radio Bursts (FRBs) are regularly detected in all corners of the sky. A repeating signal known as FRB 121102 ...

The Extreme Origins of a Fast Radio Burst

Discover Magazine - Wed 10 Jan 18

Fast radio bursts (FRBs) are one of the few truly mysterious phenomena in the universe. Astronomers first noticed the milliseconds-long intense pulses of radio waves in 2006, and we’ve slowly ...

Mystery radio bursts may be from neutron star near a black hole

Newscientist - Wed 10 Jan 18

The source of repeating fast radio bursts is one of astronomy’s biggest mysteries. They may come from a fast-spinning neutron star next to a huge black hole

Fast radio bursts may be from a neutron star orbiting a black hole

ScienceNews - Wed 10 Jan 18

A repeating fast radio burst has twisted waves, suggesting its home has an unusually strong magnetic field.

Mystery space radio pulses explained by astronomers

BBC News - Wed 10 Jan 18

Astronomers have explained enigmatic radio waves that were once considered a potential message from aliens.

Mysterious space signal could be neutron star near black hole

Cosmos Magazine - Wed 10 Jan 18

Dutch-led team suggests a new explanation to account for a transient astronomical phenomenon. Andrew Masterson reports.

Energy bursts arriving from deep in space have strange origin, scientists say

The Independent - Wed 10 Jan 18

Scientists have picked up something very unusual about one of the most strange phenomenon we know.

Fast radio bursts 'twists and shouts' help scientists determine source of cosmic blasts - Wed 10 Jan 18

An international group of astronomers has found that the Cornell University-discovered fast radio burst FRB 121102 - a brief, gigantic pulse of radio waves from 3 billion light years away - ...

Fast radio bursts 'twists and shouts' help scientists determine source of cosmic blasts, ScienceDaily - Wed 10 Jan 18
Fast Radio Bursts 'Twists and Shouts' Help Scientists Determine Source of Cosmic Blasts, Newswise - Wed 10 Jan 18

Whatever causes fast radio bursts is sitting in an intense magnetic field

Ars Technica - Mon 15 Jan 18

Still not sure what they are and now have to explain an extreme environment, too.

Mysterious fast radio bursts from space likely twisted by a black hole, researchers report

ZME Science - Fri 12 Jan 18

The team went looking for answers but only found more questions.

Is ET real? Mysterious radio blasts from a distant galaxy draw attention of alien hunters

FOXNews - Fri 12 Jan 18

Repeating bursts of radio waves coming from a distant dwarf galaxy probably aren't signals from an extraterrestrial civilization, but that hasn't stopped a group of E.T. hunters from investigating ...

Mysterious Radio Blasts from a Distant Galaxy Draw Attention of Alien Hunters, - Thu 11 Jan 18

Astronomers Detect Mysteriously Contorted Fast Radio Bursts

Extremetech - Fri 12 Jan 18

The signals from FRB 121102 appear to be "twisted" in a way that indicates a very extreme stellar environment. The post Astronomers Detect Mysteriously Contorted Fast Radio Bursts appeared first ...

Bizarre 'fast radio bursts' detected from outer space

USA today - Thu 11 Jan 18

The bursts, which come from a galaxy that's over 3 billion light-years from Earth, repeated 16 times.        

Mystery Radio Bursts From Space Just Got Even Weirder

National Geographic - Thu 11 Jan 18

A Neutron Star Hiding Out Near a Black Hole Is Pelting Earth with Radio Waves

Livescience - Wed 10 Jan 18

New work probes the extraterrestrial source of incredibly powerful explosions of radio waves, investigating why that spot is the only known location to repeatedly burst with these blasts.

Researchers Probe Origin of Superpowerful Radio Blasts from Space, - Wed 10 Jan 18

Weird radio signals may have even freakier source than aliens - CNET

CNET - Wed 10 Jan 18

Astronomers have picked up mysterious fast radio bursts from a source far across both space and time, and now scientists say it's a good thing we're nowhere nearby.

Mysterious radio signals may come from a zombie star lurking near a supermassive black hole

The Verge - Wed 10 Jan 18

After five years, scientists might have figured out what’s going on with blasts of mysterious radio waves coming from outside the Milky Way: they’re coming from a zombie star ...

‘Fast radio burst’ alien signal source may have been found

Daily Mail - Wed 10 Jan 18

Experts at Breakthrough Listen used the Robert C. Byrd Green Bank Telescope in West Virginia to study the only known repeating FRB ever discovered (artist's impression).

Mysterious series of fast radio bursts may have been twisted by extreme environment

L.A. Times - Wed 10 Jan 18

Astronomers watching a fast-radio burst flashing from more than 3 billion light-years away say that its source lies in an extreme environment with a powerful magnetic field — perhaps a supermassive ...

Astronomers Trace Fast Radio Burst to Extreme Cosmic Neighborhood

Wired Science - Thu 11 Jan 18

A mysterious object that repeatedly bursts with ultra-powerful radio waves must live in an extreme environment.

Fast Radio Bursts – Still Not Aliens

NeuroLogica - Thu 11 Jan 18

This is a (sort of) follow up to my previous post. Fast Radio Bursts (FRBs) are a legitimate astronomical mystery, and very interesting. They are very brief (30 microseconds to 9 milliseconds) ...

Rotation of fast radio burst reveals origins of the cosmic blast

UPI - Wed 10 Jan 18

By analyzing the unique rotation of FRB 121102, a fast radio burst, scientists have been able to study the nature of its cosmic origin.

SETI project homes in on strange 'fast radio bursts'

SpaceDaily - Thu 11 Jan 18

Berkeley CA (SPX) Jan 11, 2018 Recent observations of a mysterious and distant object that emits intermittent bursts of radio waves so bright that they're visible across the universe provide ...

A repeating fast radio burst from an extreme environment

ScienceDaily - Wed 10 Jan 18

New detections of radio waves from a repeating fast radio burst have revealed an astonishingly potent magnetic field in the source's environment, indicating that it is situated near a massive ...

Astronomers Peer Into the Lair of a Mysterious Source of Cosmic Radio Bursts

Newswise - Wed 10 Jan 18

Using two of the world's largest radio telescopes, an international team of astronomers has gained new insights into the extreme home of a mysterious source of cosmic radio bursts. The discovery ...