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How Disney Tech Can Immerse Park Guests in ‘Star Wars’

Discover Magazine - Tue 18 Jul 17

Disney tech is getting ready to grant the wish of any Star Wars fan who ever wished to stand inside the cavernous space of a Star Destroyer hanger or help fly the Millennium Falcon during ...

Disney's Star Wars attractions to open in 2019, fully themed resort coming later

Techspot - Mon 17 Jul 17

The Walt Disney Company held its biennial D23 Expo in Anaheim over the weekend. The event is a chance for the company to showcase upcoming attractions at its theme parks. This year, Disney Imagineering ...

Everything Star Wars Had to Offer From This Years D23 Expo - Mon 17 Jul 17

The dust has finally settled out in Anaheim, California after this past weekends plethora of Disney-centric announcements. The company touched on all their biggest IP’s including Marvel and ...

Star Wars Battlefront 2 Story Mode Details Revealed

Ubergizmo - Sun 16 Jul 17

Disney made several Star Wars-related announcements at its D23 Expo in Los Angeles. It also provided Electronic Arts the platform to reveal more information about the single-player mode of ...

Disney plans Epcot makeover with character attractions

USA today - Sun 16 Jul 17

Disney wants to modernize Epcot with more character-driven attractions to boost attendance.        

Lenovo teases augmented reality headset for new ‘Star Wars’ experience

TechCrunch - Sun 16 Jul 17

 As part of Disney’s gaming-focused D23 extravaganza happening this weekend, Lenovo showed off a smartphone-based augmented reality headset they’re using to promote an upcoming ...

Disney’s New Star Wars Hotel Is Straight Up Westworld

Ubergizmo - Sun 16 Jul 17

Westworld was HBO’s most popular TV series last year. It imagines a modern theme park where the patrons interact with AI-powered robots and live out their wildest fantasies. All patrons ...

Lenovo And Disney Are Developing A Star Wars VR Experience

Ubergizmo - Sun 16 Jul 17

If the Westworld-like Star Wars Hotel wasn’t enough to get you excited, Disney has also announced at its D23 expo in Los Angeles that it’s working with Lenovo on an immersive Star ...

Disney's Star Wars land named Galaxy's Edge, includes resort - CNET

CNET - Sun 16 Jul 17

You'll be able to live and sleep Star Wars when Disney opens this world.

Disney wants to build a Westworld for Star Wars fans

The Verge - Sun 16 Jul 17

This weekend at its D23 Expo, Disney offered several new details about its themed expansion land Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge. But it was a much briefer announcement, confirming rumors ...

Lenovo And Disney Join Forces To Unveil Star Wars: Jedi Challenges AR Experience

HotHardware - Sun 16 Jul 17

Every Star Wars fan has dreamed of becoming a Jedi, and every so often we are afforded the opportunity to live out those fantasies in a video game. Advances in technology help make these experiences ...

Disney's immersive 'Star Wars' hotel is a Jedi dream come true

Engadget - Sun 16 Jul 17

No, you're not dreaming: Walt Disney World plans to open an insanely ambitious immersive Star Wars hotel that sounds like something out of Westworld. Every guest will experience ...

Disney Parks name Star Wars lands Galaxy's Edge

AP - Sat 15 Jul 17

ANAHEIM, Calif. (AP) -- Disney Parks isn't letting Han Solo or Luke Skywalker save the day at their new Star Wars-themed lands....

Disney is opening an immersive Star Wars Hotel where each guest gets a storyline

TechCrunch - Sat 15 Jul 17

 AHHHHHHH. Disney just announced that’s potentially so damned cool that I hardly need to use complete sentences here: Immersive. Star Wars. Hotel. Details are still super light, but ...

Aspiring Jedis can pilot the Millennium Falcon at Disney's upcoming 'Star Wars' hotel

Inhabitat - Fri 21 Jul 17

Aspiring Jedis will now be able to practice their light saber moves at the upcoming Star Wars-themed hotel in Disney's Orlando and Anaheim park locations. According to CNN, the Star Wars: Galaxy's ...