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Disney software allows users to catch real balls in VR

Gizmag - Mon 20 Mar 17

Virtual reality can already sweep us away to weird and wonderful places, but how we interact with ordinary objects in those worlds could play an important role in selling the user experience. ...

Using virtual reality to catch a real ball - Mon 20 Mar 17

Disney Research scientists have found innovative ways to enhance virtual experiences involving interactions with physical objects by showing how a person using a virtual reality system can use ...

Using virtual reality to catch a real ball, Eurekalert - Mon 20 Mar 17

Watch this guy catch a real ball in VR

The Verge - Tue 21 Mar 17

Disney Research has figured out a way to let people catch real balls while wearing VR headsets. The team uses sensors to track your hands, head, and the ball, and then uses motion ...

Disney VR experiment allows users to catch real objects

Daily Mail - Tue 21 Mar 17

Using existing motion capture and VR technology, Disney's Research team in Los Angeles has created a system that allows users to catch a real ball based on a virtual image.

Disney Lets You Catch A Ball In Real Life Using VR

Ubergizmo - Tue 21 Mar 17

Virtual reality (VR) technology is great as it helps create an immersive experience when you’re playing games or watching movies. However if there is one “downside”, it would be that ...

Disney shows how you catch a real ball in VR

Engadget - Mon 20 Mar 17

It's relatively easy to boost the immersiveness of virtual reality by giving you gloves or props. But how would you have someone catch a real ball when they can't see where ...

Watch This Guy Catch a Virtual Reality Ball That Turns Out to Be Real

Gizmodo - Mon 20 Mar 17

When you strap on all of the gear required for a modern, immersive, virtual reality experience, you’re all but completely blind to the real world. But interacting with real world objects can ...