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Oldest Figurative Cave Art in Borneo Challenge Eurocentric Views of Art Origins

Discover Magazine - Wed 7 Nov 18

The oldest known figurative cave art painting in the world may be a 40,000-year-old rendering of a species of wild cattle found in a Borneo cave by a group of Griffith University researchers. It ...

Is this is the oldest figurative painting in the world?

Cosmos Magazine - Wed 7 Nov 18

Cave art in Borneo reveals animal depictions that predate Europe’s earliest artistic finds. Andrew Masterson reports.

World’s first figurative art is of an unknown animal in Borneo

Newscientist - Wed 7 Nov 18

A red animal painted on a cave wall in Borneo more than 40,000 years ago is the oldest drawing of a real-life object ever discovered

Like Europe, Borneo hosted Stone Age cave artists

ScienceNews - Wed 7 Nov 18

Rock art may have spread from Borneo across Southeast Asia starting 40,000 years ago or more.

'Oldest animal painting' discovered in Borneo

BBC News - Wed 7 Nov 18

The earliest known painting of an animal has been identified in a cave on the island of Borneo.

Oldest known animal drawing found in remote Indonesian cave - Wed 7 Nov 18

Scientists have found the oldest known example of an animal drawing: a red silhouette of a bull-like beast on the wall of a remote Indonesian cave.

The world’s oldest figurative drawing depicts a wounded animal

Ars Technica - Fri 9 Nov 18

The 40,000-year-old cave painting in a cave in Borneo depicts a speared animal.

40,000-year-old animal drawing discovered in remote Borneo cave

FOXNews - Thu 8 Nov 18

The red silhouette of a bull-like beast on the wall of a cave in the Indonesian part of Borneo is the oldest example of an animal drawing, experts say.

Oldest Known Cave Painting of an Animal Discovered in Indonesia - Thu 8 Nov 18

The world’s oldest known cave painting of an animal was discovered by scientists in Borneo, Indonesia. The painting, which depicts a red silhouette of a bull-like beast, dates back to ...

Scientists find oldest figurative cave painting

ZME Science - Thu 8 Nov 18

The origin of these artists, however, remains a mystery.

Earliest cave paintings of animal discovered in Indonesia

USA today - Wed 7 Nov 18

The world’s earliest-known cave painting of an animal, discovered on Borneo in Indonesia, dates back to at least 40,000 years ago, a new study says.        

World's Oldest Animal Drawing, Discovered in Borneo Cave, Is a Weird Cow Beast

Livescience - Wed 7 Nov 18

A 40,000-year-old painting of a mysterious, wild cow-like beast discovered in a Borneo cave is the oldest human-made drawing of an animal on record, a new study finds.

Cave art created in Borneo 40,000 years ago is the world’s oldest figurative art, scientists reveal

Daily Mail - Wed 7 Nov 18

Painted at least 40,000 years ago in Borneo’s East Kalimantan province, this red-orange cave painting of a horned beast – possibly a bull or cow – is the earliest piece of figurative ...