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PrEP implementation is associated with a rapid decline in new HIV infections

Medical Xpress - Wed 17 Oct 18

Study from Australia is the first to evaluate a population-level roll-out of pre-exposure prophylaxis (PrEP) in men who have sex with men.

New eczema drug unexpectedly restores hair in bald alopecia patient

Gizmag - Thu 11 Oct 18

A new case study published in the journal JAMA Dermatology reveals a young patient suffering from severe eczema along with a longstanding case of alopecia totalis – a condition resulting ...

Cancer patients with rare deadly brain infection treated successfully with off-the-shelf adoptive T-cell therapy

Medical Xpress - Thu 11 Oct 18

An emerging treatment known as adoptive T-cell therapy has proven effective in a Phase II clinical trial for treating progressive multifocal leukoencephalopathy (PML), a rare and often fatal ...

Dyson Airwrap: Vacuum company reveals new tool that uses super-fast motor to style your hair

The Independent - Wed 10 Oct 18

It follows the company's popular and expensive hairdryer, and comes as it works on a car

Breast cancer drug could be used to treat life-threatening leukaemia

Medical Xpress - Tue 9 Oct 18

A recently-approved breast cancer drug could be used to target and treat a life-threatening leukaemia, new research has revealed.

HIV prevention drugs could dramatically cut new infections

Reuters - Wed 17 Oct 18

(Reuters Health) - An HIV-prevention drug pill, dubbed PrEP, dramatically reduced new infections in a large group of high risk gay men, Australian researchers report.

Dyson’s got a $500 air-powered curling iron

TechCrunch - Wed 10 Oct 18

Moving air — that’s the through line across most of Dyson’s products. The vacuums, fans, hand dryers, hair driers — at their heart, they all the do the same thing. Same goes for the ...

Dyson Attempts To Modernize The Hair Curler With The Dyson Airwrap

Ubergizmo - Tue 9 Oct 18

A couple of years ago, Dyson attempted to modernize and revolutionize the hair dryer, which they did although it did not come cheap, but it seems that the company’s attempts to revolutionize ...

The $500 Dyson Airwrap styler vacuums up wet hair to curl it

The Verge - Tue 9 Oct 18

Dyson has announced its second beauty gadget since the Supersonic, with a hair curler that relies on air rather than extreme temperatures. The product, called the Airwrap styler, ...

Dyson Airwrap can curl or straighten your hair using less heat

Engadget - Tue 9 Oct 18

Having already worked on 1,600 kilometers worth of real human hair, Dyson obviously wasn't going to stop at its Supersonic hair dryer. In fact, the engineers have found a new purpose ...

Sir James Dyson unveils new 'Airwrap' curling tong that minimises the risk of heat damage

Daily Mail - Tue 9 Oct 18

The latest offering from Sir James Dyson uses ground-breaking technology to curl hair with warm air alone. It uses a high-speed jet of air which flows around the surface of the tong. ...

Alien life form? No, it is MARIJUANA! Eerie images reveal what cannabis looks like

Daily Mail - Fri 5 Oct 18

Dr Ted Kinsman from the Rochester Institute of Technology created these images which were photographed in a vacuum chamber using a computer scanner.

Keep Your Friends and Family Close With DNA Tattoo Ink - Fri 5 Oct 18

There are endless ways to pay tribute to close family and friends or lost loved ones. I like to put framed photos around the house. Some people prefer to dedicate an indelible piece […] The ...

Scaled-Up PrEP Cut New HIV Cases in Australia

MedPageToday - Thu 18 Oct 18

(MedPage Today) -- Also, U.S. data show still dramatic racial/ethnic disparities in PrEP use

Protective Use of Antivirals Cuts New HIV Cases

WebMD - Thu 18 Oct 18

In a study of gay men who did not have HIV who were given antiviral drugs protectively, the number of new HIV infections fell from 295 cases in the year before the program rollout to 221 cases ...

Rare HIV PrEP Failure Reported in San Francisco

MedPageToday - Thu 11 Oct 18

(MedPage Today) -- Truvada for pre-exposure prophylaxis remains highly effective, experts say

Dyson’s new Airwrap Styler makes hair styling a breeze

Techradar - Tue 9 Oct 18

The Airwrap Styler follows the prowess of Dyson’s Supersonic hair dryer

Dyson’s latest product is a $550 hair curler

Fastcompany Tech - Tue 9 Oct 18

After six years and $31 million in development, Dyson is launching the Airwrap, a device that creates ringlets using a bit of aerospace-inspired physics. For people with stick-straight hair, ...

Try These Home Remedies for Eczema Relief

Mercola - Mon 8 Oct 18

By Dr. Mercola If you've never experienced eczema symptoms before, suffice it to say that many people who do suffer from this skin condition describe chronic bouts of a nearly unbearably itchy, ...

Gold and the beautiful

The Hindu - Fri 5 Oct 18

Give your tresses a gilded touch with Dyson’s new Supersonic hair dryer