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Bleached-white nanowood material promises exceptional insulating properties

Gizmag - Tue 13 Mar 18

University of Maryland engineers have created a new insulating material capable of blocking at least ten degrees more heat than styrofoam or silica aerogel. It's also 30 times stronger ...

‘Nanowood’ makes a super thermal insulator

Nanotechweb - Mon 12 Mar 18

New material is also lightweight and strong, and could help make buildings more energy efficient.

This is 'nanowood,' an invention that could reduce humanity's carbon footprint - Mon 12 Mar 18

Scientists have designed a heat-insulating material made from wood that is both light and strong and made entirely from tiny, stripped-down wood fibers.

Eco-friendly nanowood is a super strong and recyclable Styrofoam

Newscientist - Fri 9 Mar 18

Nanowood is a strong yet lightweight material made by chemically stripping wood to its skeletal fibres. It’s eco-friendly and insulates better than Styrofoam

‘Nanowood’ Is An Environmentally-Friendly Alternative To Styrofoam

Ubergizmo - Mon 12 Mar 18

Image credit – Hua Xie / University of MarylandDespite the fact that it is well-known that styrofoam will take centuries before it eventually breaks down and decomposes, many still use ...

Researchers turned wood into a better insulator than Styrofoam

Engadget - Mon 12 Mar 18

The research lab behind the creation of see-through wood has developed a new type of material that could be used as a cheaper, stronger and more environmentally friendly insulator. ...

New Material Made From Wood Is Biodegradable Super Insulation

CleanTechnica - Wed 14 Mar 18

Researchers at the University of Maryland have created a new class of insulation material made from wood. Called nanowood, it is cheaper and stronger than other insulation materials, plus it ...

New nanowood insulation is more environmentally friendly than Styrofoam

Inhabitat - Wed 14 Mar 18

Scientists have created a new insulating material from wood that bests Styrofoam: it's "stronger and much more environmentally friendly," according to the University of Maryland (UMD). Their ...