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Aye-ayes just got weirder with the discovery of a tiny, sixth ‘finger’

ScienceNews - Tue 22 Oct 19

Aye-ayes have a sixth “finger,” or pseudothumb, that may compensate for other, overspecialized fingers by helping the lemurs grip things.

Gimme six! Researchers discover aye-aye's extra finger - Mon 21 Oct 19

The world's weirdest little primate has gotten even weirder, thanks to the discovery of a tiny extra digit. A study led by researchers from North Carolina State University has found that aye-ayes ...

Gimme Six! Researchers Discover Aye-Aye's Extra Finger, Newswise - Mon 21 Oct 19
Gimme six! Researchers discover aye-aye's extra finger, ScienceDaily - Mon 21 Oct 19
Gimme six! Researchers discover aye-aye's extra finger, Eurekalert - Mon 21 Oct 19

Researchers Uncover Aye-Aye’s Hidden Sixth Digit - Wed 23 Oct 19

Aye-aye (via David Haring/Duke Lemur Center) The world’s weirdest primate just got weirder. Researchers from North Carolina State University have ...

Strange long-fingered aye-aye lemur has a hidden SIXTH digit

Daily Mail - Tue 22 Oct 19

New research has found that the long-fingered lemurs from Madagascar have tiny sixth fingers called 'pseudothumbs' - complete with their own fingerprints - that may help them grip objects.

Two thumbs up - or is it four? Odd lemur has evolved extra 'finger'

Reuters - Tue 22 Oct 19

For a strange little lemur native to Madagascar that boasts one of the most unusual hands in the animal kingdom, a "high five" is more like a "trick six."

'Omen of evil' aye-ayes have weird 'pseudothumbs,' 'the craziest hand of any primate'

FOXNews - Tue 22 Oct 19

The aye-aye, also known as a long-fingered lemur, gets a bad rap for its strange appearance. But a new study has revealed the nocturnal mammal has one feature that has surprised researchers ...

Aye-Ayes Have Been Hiding a Secret Sixth Finger This Whole Time

Gizmodo - Tue 22 Oct 19

Aye-ayes are among the strangest primates on Earth, with their oversized ears, spider-like hands, and—as new research shows—a previously undetected sixth finger.Read more...

‘Cursed’ yet adorable aye-aye has a sixth ‘pseudothumb’

ZME Science - Mon 21 Oct 19

The aye-aye is the craziest primate out there -- and it just got a lot more interesting.

'Cursed' Primate Weirdos Have Extra Thumbs. Scientists Didn't Know About Them Until Now.

Livescience - Mon 21 Oct 19

The discovery of a previously unknown mini-thumb makes weird aye-ayes even weirder.

Biologists find sixth finger on aye-aye's paws

UPI - Mon 21 Oct 19

The aye-aye, the world's weirdest primate, boasts 12 fingers, six on each paw, according to a study. A team of researchers found the pseudothumb while studying the tendons that support the ...

The Bizarre Aye-Aye Isn’t Giving Us the Finger After All

Wired Science Blogs - Mon 21 Oct 19

The primate uses its long middle finger to fish for grubs. But scientists just discovered its “pseudothumb,” meaning it's got six digits, not five.