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Uber launches 'Quiet Mode' for some riders when they want to keep conversation to a minimum

Daily Mail - Wed 15 May 19

Users will have to pay a little extra to take advantage of the new tool, called 'Quiet Mode,' is only available for Uber Black and Uber Black SUV premium rides, which are more expensive.

Uber's new 'quiet mode' lets you avoid small talk with drivers - CNET

CNET - Wed 15 May 19

If you want to catch a nap on your next ride, this Uber Black feature is for you.

Uber tells passengers to stop 'dooring' bicyclists - CNET

CNET Cutting Edge - Wed 15 May 19


Uber adds Quiet Mode for passengers who don't want to talk to drivers

Techspot - Wed 15 May 19

The mode is one of several preferences Uber introduced yesterday for its luxury Uber Black and UberSUV services, which use premium cars and professional drivers who must maintain a rating of ...

Uber offers ‘Quiet Mode’ so you don't have to talk to the driver, but it'll cost you extra

USA today - Wed 15 May 19

Quiet Mode comes as part of a new slate of Rider Preferences features that riders can use before hailing an Uber Black or SUV.        

New Feature Lets Uber Black Car Riders Tell Their Filthy Pleb Drivers to Shut the Fuck Up

Gizmodo - Wed 15 May 19

Uber has announced a new feature that will allow some riders to properly express their disgust for their filthy, lower class drivers—all with the simple touch of a button. Read more...

Uber Black Users Can Silence Drivers With New ‘Quiet Mode’ - Wed 15 May 19

Chatty taxi drivers can be a blessing or a curse. But in those times you’re not feeling sociable, staring at your phone or offering one-syllable grunts doesn’t always get the point ...

Uber Riders Can Now Indicate Their Preference For Less Chatty Drivers

Ubergizmo - Wed 15 May 19

While some people are just naturally sociable and have no problems chatting with everyone about anything and everything, others aren’t. In fact, some might find it uncomfortable making ...

Uber has a solution for chatty drivers

Engadget - Tue 14 May 19

We've all been there. You've had a long, tiring day, and you hail a ride to get home. Your driver is nice, but they're perhaps a little too eager for some chit-chat and ...

Uber is now offering a ‘quiet mode’ option for its luxury service

The Verge - Tue 14 May 19

Uber is rolling out a series of new features for its higher-priced luxury car service, Uber Black, including a “quiet car” mode for riders who want to discourage chatty drivers. ...

Uber Black launches Quiet Driver Mode

TechCrunch - Tue 14 May 19

Tired of chatty drivers? Uber is finally giving users its most requested feature: an in-app way to request minimal conversation during your ride. The “Quiet Mode” feature is free ...

Uber’s new “Quiet Mode” lets you silence chatty drivers

Fastcompany Tech - Wed 15 May 19

But it’s only available for riders on Uber Black and Uber Black SUV premium rides. We’ve all been there: We just want a nice quiet ride to the airport during which we have time ...

Uber drivers won't talk to you – if you pay the premium

Techradar - Wed 15 May 19

In the US, Uber is allowing premium passengers more control over their Uber experience, including whether they want to speak.